10 Best Disney Gifts Under $20

The wonderful world of Disney is one that appeals to fans of all kinds. From the classic films and lovable songs to the exciting rides at theme parks, there truly is something for everyone. That being said, gifts centered around Disney are almost always a smart option!

Need something fun for a kid’s birthday party? Shopping for holiday presents? Want to surprise a pal with a new clothing item? Looking to amp up a personal space in the home? Products for all of this and more can be found on this gift guide, and everything here is under $20, too.

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10 Mickey Mini Waffle Maker


Gathering the whole family together to watch a Disney movie or to head to Disney World is super special, and breakfast with the whole group can be great, too...especially if this waffle maker is involved!

This mini machine makes one Mickey Mouse-shaped waffle in its non-sticking baking plate. The illuminated power light, convenient cord wrap and non-skid rubber feet help cooking with this waffle maker a breeze, and its small size means that it does not take up too much space in the kitchen. Everyone will be thrilled to see those cute little ears when they wake up in the morning. 

9 Wooden Beauty and The Beast Music Box


One of the best parts of Disney flicks is the music; these tunes are known by the young and old, are quite catchy and are always teaching valuable lessons, as well. Those who particularly enjoy the soundtrack from Beauty and the Beast can listen in a whole new way with this wooden music box.

To make it play music, the handle on the side just needs to be turned, which is a neat retro design element that makes this a very thoughtful gift. The box itself is carved in a beautiful way, and the melody comes out clear and crisp.

8 Hakuna Moscato Stemless Wine Glass 


As fans of The Lion King know, “Hakuna Matata” means “No Worries”, but what about “Hakuna Moscato”? Well, that means “Drink Wine”, of course! This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to have a drink while watching their favorite films.

It holds 15 ounces, it has a stemless design, it is made with high-quality materials in the U.S., and it is safe for the dishwasher. Any drink could be held in this glass, or it could even be set out and displayed since it is also just a cute and funny piece of Disney memorabilia.  

7 I'm Done Adulting Shirt 


This cotton blend shirt is super comfy and soft to the touch. Oh, and it is probably super relatable to lots of Disney-obsessed people out there! Adulting can be tough, with bills and responsibilities and work and such. But going to any Disney theme park is like a dream come true, since it is where fans of all ages can feel like kids again, surrounded by wonder and magic and thrills.

All that said, this high-quality tee is one that would please many, so keep it in mind when doing any shopping (for others or for selfish reasons!). 

6 Thomas Kinkade The Disney Collection 4-in-1 Multipack 


Thomas Kinkade’s art depicts Disney characters and scenes in gorgeous ways, and his puzzles always make smart buys. This particular purchase is a four-in-one deal since there are four different puzzles here, which each have 500 pieces.

Families, individuals and friends will love putting together masterpieces that show off Cinderella, Simba, Ariel and Mickey and Minnie (and tons of details, too). Plus, doing a puzzle is a good way to work on hand-eye coordination and to enhance cognitive skills, and the finished results could be hung up as art afterward, enjoyed for years to come by all!

5 Mr and Mrs Pillow Cases


There are so many iconic love stories told by Disney, but Mickey and Minnie are the original couple goals. So any couple would adore having pillowcases that are inspired by these famous mice!

These two covers are 18 inches by 18, are made of cotton and linen and feature hidden zippers. One says “Mr.”, with a Mickey design, while the other says “Mrs.”, with a Minnie design, so these would look amazing on either side of a bed, to show who sleeps where and to tell the world how much these characters are loved. 

4 Our Adventure Book


One of the most well-known Pixar movies is Up, and it is all about adventure. Well, fans can store their own adventures in a unique way with this themed scrapbook. Inside, there are 80 pages of blank and thick craft paper, as well as movie postcards and photo corner stickers.

On the back, it says, “To be with you is the greatest adventure”. This would make a wonderful wedding gift, photo album or scrapbook that shows off someone’s life; the options are endless, but any way that it is used, this book is sure to please fans of Up.

3 Funko Pop Keychain: 101 Dalmatians 


Two more popular Disney characters are Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmations. And another popular gift idea is a Funko Pop product; this brand makes figurines, plushes and keychains that feature different characters, such as these two dogs who fell in love and created a huge family.

And since this pack comes with two figures, a couple could share these, siblings could each get one, or two friends who both love this flick could use them as symbols that show off their friendship and interest. Yes, this is another smart, cute and affordable option to keep in mind when shopping!

2 Winnie the Pooh Quotes and Sayings 


There are numerous quotes from Disney movies that inspire people, and some of them came from Winnie the Pooh, which brings up this next item; here, there are four different sayings that can be hung up and enjoyed anywhere. They are 8x10, created by an independent designer and illustrator and printed on semi-matte Fuji Crystal Archive paper. These also come unframed, so they can be displayed as they are, or frames that match a room’s theme and color scheme can be purchased.

With their words about dreams, adventure, love and being brave, strong and smart, these motivational and awesome prints are the perfect present!

1 Art of Coloring: Disney Villains


Let’s not forget about the villains that are found within the world of Disney… Some people are very into the bad guys and gals of these films, like Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Maleficent, Scar and Jafar.

These characters and more can be colored in this coloring book, which has 100 different images that will inspire creativity and promote relaxation. Yes, coloring books are another wise buy, since fans of all ages like this pastime for a variety of reasons - especially when it involves cool pen-and-ink illustrations that depict landscapes, patterns and villains, all for under $20.

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