25 Stunning Disney Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters

Disney movies fill our lives with magic, from childhood to adolescence and beyond. We enjoy the classics like Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, while looking forward to the newer goodies like Zootopia and Moana. Each movie has something for everyone, though we could all probably choose one Disney flick we love the most. We see these beloved characters brought to life when we visit any Disney theme park, but where else? Conventions.

D23 may be the only Disney-based event, as most cons are centered around comic books, video games, or anime, but Disney cosplay is still quite common at any convention. This can be partly attributed to the popularity of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, as a lot of Disney characters have appeared in the games - which technically make them video game characters, in a way.

The next title in the series, Kingdom Hearts III, is set for a 2018 release date and will feature worlds based on TangledBig Hero 6, and even Pixar's Toy Story.

The cosplayers who take on Disney characters go above and beyond any costumes you'll find in the Disney store or online. These are the 25 Stunning Disney Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters.

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25 Belle

AK4Real Photography snapped this gem during last year’s Momocon. The gown is absolutely gorgeous – and to think that this cosplay was made spontaneously after Rose Lyon Atelier found the right fabric by chance.

Rose is a fashion student at the University of Georgia and a crafter for She writes her own fashion blog, which covers both cosplay and everyday attire, and she runs a Facebook group for cosplayers in the Athens area.

She is also known for cosplaying as Sailor V, Super Sailor Moon, a Kyoshi Warrior, and Slay Belle Katarina, among many other characters, though she has plenty of other princesses in her future cosplay plans.

AK4Real also took a few photos with Rose as Super Sailor Moon, and they make a great team!

24 Tadashi and Big Hero 6

These may be easier, more casual cosplays, but that doesn’t make these any less impressive. Jin and his Tux Team nail it to become these Marvel-turned-Disney heroes, through perfectly styled wigs, the fine details on their shirts, and their in-character facial expressions.

If this is how they look in their civilian attire, imagine what their super suits would look like (actually, there are a few photos of Jin wearing Hiro’s suit – visit his blog to check them out!). Together they’re a strong, talented force with insanely good makeup skills.

Jin and the Tux Team are based out of the Philippines and cosplay from a variety of anime and video games, including Attack on Titan, Kingdom Hearts, Yuri!!! On ICE, Final Fantasy XV, and many more.

23 Cinderella and Fairy Godmother (2015)

This is honestly my favorite picture ever!! @mineralblu works wonders!!✨📸💙

A post shared by ❣️Tay❣️ (@heytaysaprincess) on

While we all loved the original Cinderella and some might say that the live-action remake just doesn’t cut it, you have to admit that the dress is to die for, with the butterflies on the sleeves and the gown’s overall wow factor. That dress could make almost anyone feel like a princess. Heytaycosplays and Curlyq_cosplay make the perfect pair, as if they’ve stepped out of the movie.

Heytaycosplays (Cinderella) performs as a princess for certain events, while Curlyq_cosplay (Fairy Godmother) works on the Fathergamer Podcast. They are also known for cosplaying from Sailor Moon, Sleeping Beauty (they both cosplay as Briar Rose!), Miraculous Ladybug (Tay), and Steven Universe (Curlyq). Duo cosplays are fun, but they are equally amazing individually.

(photo credit – Mineralblu Photography)

(costume design credit – Angel-Secret)

22 Assistant Mayor Bellwether

While we’ve seen plenty of good Judy and Nick cosplays since Zootopia came out, we couldn’t paws-ibly ignore this awesome Bellwether cosplay by Anna Berten.

This cosplay works really well because it carefully blends Bellwether’s animalistic and anthropomorphic characteristics without looking too cartoony. The wig is Bellwether’s exact fur texture and the ears are sewn into the wig to look natural. Look into her eyes and know that she is plotting something sinister, no matter how cute or fluffy she may look.

Anna is a seamstress who focuses specifically on Disney dresses, both from the movies and her original designs, and she sometimes judges cosplay contests. She is also known for cosplaying as Harry Potter, Merida, Tinker Bell, and Cinderella, along with her own designs.

21 Captain Jack Sparrow

There are good cosplayers, amazing cosplayers, and then there are cosplayers who are so good that they could be (and probably have been) mistaken for the actor themselves. Rhyme Lawliet, a professional Jack Sparrow impersonator, falls into the latter category with this cosplay.

Rhyme is committed to the point of going out on the water to do a shoot, and photographer Guessgreenleaf was there to capture this beautiful image. This could easily be a screenshot from any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Rhyme Lawliet is a cosplayer and filmmaker from the group Cupofsquirrel Cosplay. They are also known for cosplaying as L (Death Note), Viktor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! On ICE), and Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler). Their makeup skills and use of colored contacts make their cosplays pop.

20 Megara and the Muses

This shot was definitely inspired by Megara’s musical number, “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” (which, by the way, sounds amazing in its original Greek language), from the movie Hercules. It looks like the song was paused at the right spot, and everyone is so in sync with each other. The columns in the background were perfect.

Lunnaya Nadeja’s Megara cosplay is already on point, but the support she has from the Muses is what really sells this shot.

Lunnaya is a Russian cosplayer and model who has been active in the community since 1999. She has her own YouTube channel, which features behind the scenes footage from her shoots (including the one featured above), and an Etsy shop, where she sells her older cosplays.

19 Sanderson sisters

Halloween may not be for another few months, but we can still mention this fabulous Hocus Pocus group (because who doesn’t love watching that movie on Halloween?). Besides, if cosplay teaches us anything, it’s that you can dress up at any time of year.

Lauren Matesic of Castle Corsetry (Winifred), an award-winning designer from California, made the costumes. She runs an Etsy shop for Castle Corsetry, where she sells a variety of corsets and other costume pieces that she designs.

Chrissy Lynn (Mary) is a wig stylist and SFX artist, and Traci Hines (Sarah) is a singer-songwriter who produces cosplay music videos for her YouTube channel.

Chrissy is also known for cosplaying Rogue and Darth Talon, while Traci is also known for cosplaying Belle and Jane Porter.

18 Mulan

Lo Minh snapped this photo of Weak Potato during this year’s D23 Expo. Despite her username, she is definitely not a weak potato. She is a fabulous, fierce potato.

We know that a live-action remake of Mulan is happening, and she could definitely be cast as the titular heroine. She bears a decent resemblance to Jamie Chung, who played Mulan on the ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time (and voiced Gogo Tomago in Big Hero 6). The little Mushu plushie at her feet is adorable – nice touch.

Weak Potato is a cosplayer from California and an official page model for Geek Girls United. She is also known for cosplaying as Katana (Suicide Squad), Sheik (The Legend of Zelda), and Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender).

17 Maleficent

Photographer Jose Pleguezuelos took this photo during Irasshai one year. While Victor Munster of Monster Inside Creations made the raven and scepter, props to cosplayer Mara Von Entropy for going the extra mile by painting her skin green.

Most Maleficent cosplayers lately go solely by the version seen in the 2014 live-action Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie. That movie was okay, but nothing beats the classic designs of our favorite fairy tale characters. Also, the details on the purple accent pieces and the horns look great.

Mara is a cosplayer and model who does historical reenactments, retro futurisms, and other events. She is also known for cosplaying as Asajj Ventress, Hermione Granger, and Catwoman, to name a few characters. She sells cosplay prints on her Storenvy.

16 Te Fiti

Lucid V Photography captured this gorgeous image of Miss Tyo as the goddess Te Fiti. The amount of detail she put into this cosplay is amazing (the leaves and flowers look quite real), and the Moana and Maui figures she’s holding up are a nice touch to emphasize how much Te Fiti towers over them.

While we can only see her profile, her face does look similar to Te Fiti’s animated self, as if she just woke up from her island state after a nice, long rest.

Miss Tyo is a cosplayer and apparel designer from Washington state. She is also known for cosplaying as Ariel (multiple versions), Winifred Sanderson, and a princess version of R2D2, the latter of which shows how creative her costumes get.

15 Briar Rose

Well he's tall, and handsome, and.. and so... romantic 💕🌹🦉 PC: #auroralookme

A post shared by dph . (@disneyprincessatheart__) on

While we all recognize Princess Aurora’s main gown in either color (no green dress? Fauna should get a say too), there’s no reason to forget her more casual outfit from earlier in the film, because it’s just as pretty and fit for a princess. Disney Princess at Heart rocks this dress in this beautiful photo taken by her partner, Mike of Mad G Party.

Disney Princess at Heart is a cosplayer and professional princess for-hire, as well as a brand representative for Hot Topic and Spireside Candles. Naturally her cosplay repertoire is full of princesses, including Cinderella, Ariel, Elsa, and Belle, among others.

She has her own YouTube channel of the same name, where she posts makeup tutorials and song covers for each princess she portrays.

14 Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

Francesca Taylor and Eswinn look absolutely stunning as the romantic pair from The Princess and the Frog, in this photo taken by Allyn Monroe at this year’s D23 Expo in July.

Francesca and Eswinn have good chemistry with each other, probably because they are the best of friends. Both costumes are crafted beautifully, with Francesca’s dress neatly layered with all of the right details, and Eswinn’s suit being made with quality materials. Their cosplays look even better when they’re posing together, and we bet that they owned that expo.

Both are talented cosplayers, but in addition Francesca is a singer and dancer. Francesca is also known for cosplaying as Pocahontas, Chun-Li, Susie Carmichael (Rugrats), and a steampunk version of Ariel, so she is quite versatile.

13 Flynn Rider

PCC! #phoenixcomicon #tangled #tangledcosplay #flynnrider #flynnridercosplay

A post shared by 🌯💀Dakota💀🌯 (@spookychipotle) on

Dakota, also known as Spooky Chipotle, knew that he looked good when he snapped this selfie at this year’s Phoenix Comic Con during Memorial Day weekend, and we have to agree with him.

Everything from head to toe is on point (even if they still can’t get the nose right), making him look like he just walked out of the Kingdom of Corona and into the convention. The pouty face is funny and true to Flynn’s character. This cosplay is so simple, yet he picked and put together all the right pieces to become one of the kings (err, princes) of Disney cosplay.

Dakota, an Arizona native, is also known for cosplaying as Peter Parker and Superman (multiple versions), with more cosplay plans happening soon.

12 Princess Leia

What? Disney owns Star Wars, so a lot of people would argue that Leia is a Disney princess now. Karen Roberson, also known as Karen Cosplays, looks like a young Carrie Fisher as she rocks Leia’s regular, yet iconic dress.

We love this action shot that reminds us of how strong, fierce, and independent Leia is, while Karen continues to look elegant. While we still miss Carrie Fisher, we’re glad that after she inspired so many people, her spirit lives on through Leia cosplayers like Karen.

Karen is a cosplayer and graphic designer from Maryland. In addition to her marketing day job, she works as a member of the BronyCon design team. She cosplays multiple versions of Leia, as well as Miss Frizzle and Oola.

11 Kim Possible and Shego

Hey, Disney Channel is still Disney. Besides, who didn’t love this show growing up? We can still hear that catchy theme song in our heads. Anyway, Figments Media shot this at this year’s D23 Expo, with Stephanie Moen as Kim and Joy Princess as her nemesis, Shego.

Props to Stephanie for cosplaying as Kim in her cheer uniform, which we don’t see nearly as often as Kim’s secret agent gear, and Joy’s facial expression is perfect – she looks so done with Kim, and the convention.

Joy is also known for cosplaying as Mulan, Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan), and Eska (Legend of Korra), among others. She won Best in Show at last year’s Anime Expo, and she sells Dragon Ball Z-themed mystery boxes on her Storenvy.

10 Sgt. Calhoun

Amber Skies absolutely kills it as Calhoun, our favorite no-nonsense shooter from Wreck-it-Ralph. Amber was also featured on our list of Marvel cosplayers, and we told you that she specializes in Disney cosplay – well, here she is in her element.

We love the armor build for its sleek yet weathered look, as if she just came from battle. The wig is perfectly styled and her pouty facial expression really sells it. She even crafted a detailed Cy-bug egg as an added bonus.

Amber is from Arizona and has been active in the cosplay community since 2014. She works as a professional princess, with Merida, Belle, and Fiona among her arsenal. She is also known for cosplaying as Kim Possible, Queenie Goldstein, and Misty, among many others.

9 Aladdin

Remember when Disney executives complained that they were having trouble with casting for the live-action Aladdin remake? It apparently dragged on for months. While they eventually decided on Mena Massoud for the title character (and Naomi Scott as his leading lady), we thought that Romeo Ivan Hernandez also looked the part.

While the lamp isn’t the exact shape as it is in the movie and musical, he nails the rest of the cosplay to a T. Satin is a tough material to work with, but Romeo used it well without making his cosplay look too flashy.

Romeo is also known for cosplaying as Rin Matsuoka (Free!), Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter), Kamina (Gurren Lagann), genderswapped Jinx (League of Legends), and many more.

(photo credit - Kristopher Müller-Greve)

8 Kida

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is one of the more forgotten movies in the Disney universe, but we couldn’t forget about this amazing Kida cosplay by Utahime Cosplay. This awesome photo was taken by Mykosplay during this year’s Anime Expo in July.

This was a team effort, as Shawshank Props made her staff and tribal mask, while Alicia Nicole Hair Design assisted with Utahime’s transformation into Kida. Scenic shots are always fun, and they look great to boot, making the characters feel more real for us. This is a strong shot.

Utahime is an official page model for Wonderful World of Cosplay, also known for cosplaying as Korra, Gamora (hey, that rhymes!), Lana Kane, and genie and schoolgirl versions of Pocahontas, among plenty of other characters.

7 Tinker Bell

This may be a slight deviation from Tink’s appearance in the animated film, but we love the flowers, frills, and rhinestones that Liana Carissa added to the dress, lending some extra pizzazz to our favorite fairy. The intricate pattern on the wings is also pretty, especially while catching the light of the sun.

Tinker Bell is a popular choice among Disney cosplayers, but Liana stands out with her own unique design for the character, making it her own. Putting in the extra work to create a new design also shows how dedicated she is to her craft. Liana is also very photogenic, which earns her some bonus points.

Liana is a cosplayer and singer, also known for cosplaying as Ariel, Esmeralda, Cinderella, and Alice, among many others.

6 Moana

For the first time since 2002, Walt Disney Animation Studios released two films in the same year (2016). While Moana didn’t get as much hype as Zootopia, the cosplayers are competing with the best of them, and often blowing them out of the water. We already know that Auli’i Cravalho is Moana, but Gladzy Kei comes pretty close, as she too looks exactly like the character, and embodies her so much.

Gladzy Kei was originally born and raised in the Philippines, but currently lives in Canada. She is also known for cosplaying as Wonder Woman, Sombra, Ariel, and Spider-Gwen, to name a few.

She has her own YouTube channel, where she posts cosplay tutorials, drum covers, and speed paintings (she’s also a concept artist and illustrator).

5 Jedi Belle and Beast Chewbacca

Who doesn’t love a good crossover cosplay? Many cosplayers will cross Disney over with a lot of things, but with Star Wars becoming Disney property, oftentimes cosplayers take that route because the possibilities are endless.

There are plenty of slave and Jedi princesses out there, but Elizabeth Rage and Daniel Young take the cake because of how many details they tie in from their original source material. That candlestick-shaped lightsaber is everything, easily the best part of the cosplay, but Chewie also looks adorable in his little coat. Such good craftsmanship.

Elizabeth is also known for cosplaying as Esmeralda, Saber, and Venusaur, while Daniel is a member of the 501st Legion, in the San Joaquin Squad.

(photo credit – Riley Miner of R M Cosplay Photography)

4 Baymax

Many people would agree that Baymax is the best part of Big Hero 6 – he’s just so damn cute! He’s squishy and we want to hug him.

While there are different Baymax suits out there (two of the exact same one appeared at this year’s AnimeNEXT), Brian Patague’s, also known as Wildseven Cosplay’s, suit looks the best because it’s the exact same shape as the lovable healthcare companion (most of the suits are too round and puffy, even for Baymax).

Wildseven Cosplay is from Hawaii and specifically focuses on mascot cosplays, because those are always exciting to see at conventions. He is also known for his Pikachu, Grape-kun, and Rilakkuma builds.

While a cosplayer himself, he is also a photographer for other cosplayers at conventions.

3 Alice

This photo, taken by Alexandra Jean Pile, is partially based on the beginning of Alice in Wonderland, where Alice is resting underneath a tree in between tutoring (we see this frame again toward the end, when Alice realizes that she fell asleep and that Wonderland was all a dream).

We love how the puffy sleeves and collar on Violet Summer Cosplay’s dress, as well as her hairbow, are made bigger to give the cosplay more of a cartoony feel – very authentic and true to the original movie. The small, handheld clock is also a nice touch.

Violet Summer Cosplay is from Australia and often focuses on modeling lingerie and pinups, though she is also known for cosplaying as Baby Doll, Harley Quinn, and Bellatrix Lestrange.

2 Ariel

Cristal Fernandez of Cristal Craft Photography shot this gem at last year’s Derpycon. Mandycake Cosplay is beautiful as the titular Little Mermaid, and that dress, made by Elyon Cosplay, looks fun to twirl in.

The fabric Elyon used for the sleeves was a good choice because they have that flowy, watery feel to them, plus they’re unique from the solid blue or white sleeves seen on other cosplays of this version of Ariel.

Mandycake is from New Jersey and has been cosplaying since 2012. She is also known for cosplaying as Princess Zelda, Star Butterfly, and Fierce Deity Link, both male and female.

She creates impressive armor builds and larger-than-life props – her original (male) Fierce Deity Link cosplay won her two craftsmanship awards last year.

1 Elsa

Check out that sweet cape action! Photo credits to Corwyn of Mindfall Media for this epic shot of Dessi_desu as the popular ice queen. Elsa has been cosplayed a million times the world over, and Dessi admits that this was one of her most challenging builds, but with the amount of work she put into every part of the dress, the end result is a slam dunk.

Dessi is a cosplayer and illustrator who is also known for cosplaying as Sailor Neptune, Aerith, and a wizard gijinka of Glaceon (for those who don’t know, a gijinka is a more humanized version of a non-human character, usually Pokémon). She has an online store where she sells prints of her artwork based on anime and fantasy characters.


Do you Disney fans think these cosplayers made the grade? Would you ever cosplay a Disney character? Tell us in the comments!

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