Deadpool and Wolverine

Deadpool owes Wolverine plenty. Not least of which is his healing power, which was grafted into his DNA from samples of Wolverine’s own. Wade Wilson initially volunteered for the second Weapon X project while dying from cancer. The healing factor saved his life, but reacted with the cancer in unexpected

ways disfiguring him and driving him insane. Despite a long history together, their best team-up came during the Wolverine: Origins run when Deadpool was hired to kill Wolverine by a disguised Bucky Barnes.

In this storyline, Deadpool actually manages to plan everything to near perfection in a rare display of professionalism. After succeeding in capturing Wolverine having a successful strategy in place to end his life once and for all, Deadpool is stopped by Wolverine’s son Dakken. The whole job proved to be a ruse, orchestrated by Wolverine to draw out his son, reasoning that once word of the hit got out, he’d get involved as he’d want to be the one to kill his father.

Despite losing several body parts on the previous encounter, the enmity between Deadpool and Wolverine didn’t last, as Wolverine recruited Deadpool to join a recent incarnation of X-Force.

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