The 10 Best Deadpool Storylines, Ranked

Despicable Deadpool #300 cover art

Deadpool is one of the most interesting comic book characters of all time, a man that breaks the fourth wall at every turn and refuses to take the hero world seriously, which makes a lot more sense than the way that most of them act!

Yes, we all know that the world of superheroes is often ridiculous, and yet everyone always acts so dramatic and serious. Deadpool was the first anti-hero that came along and shone a light on just how ridiculous the concept of a serious world containing a costumed adult really is, so we thought we would pull together his ten best storylines, leading right up to the absolute best.

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10 A Kiss, A Curse, A Cure

With the numerous amount of comic books that have been written about Deadpool, regularly by different writers as well, it makes sense that he would've ended up with quite a few conflicting origin stories, so this is why we have put this at the bottom of the list, but it definitely deserves a place for providing an origin story that other writers keep coming back to.

This storyline is the one that describes Deadpool choosing to become a part of the Weapon X program as it allows him to fight off terminal cancer while also giving him the regenerative ability that Wolverine had become known for.

9 Alone Again, Naturally

After Bob takes on a job at Hydra, he could've hardly expected that he would become the sidekick to one of the most insane comic book characters that has ever been invented, but then we would love to follow Deadpool around so he's lucky in a way!

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This is the storyline which spanned from Cable And Deadpool #43-50 that ended up finishing off the Cable and Deadpool comic books. While Cable had ended up dying, the writers needed somebody that could be the straight man to Deadpool's comedy, so they gave him the fairly normal Bob, who sadly wasn't anywhere near as good as Cable was.

8 Sins Of The Past

For many Deadpool fans out there, this was the storyline that turned him from a villain into an anti-hero. A lot of it comes down to the fact that we see him take his mask off, see what sort of scarred human being lives underneath. We learn about his back story, see that his scars came from the treatment that saved him from cancer, something that he hides with his mask.

This is then laid parallel to the fact that the man only acts the way that he does as it means he can ignore everything he regrets from his past. We did enjoy this level of drama, but it's always best when Deadpool sticks with comedy.

7 The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

In true Deadpool fashion, this storyline starts off with him repeatedly waking up and finding that his organs have been taken from him in the night. Seeing as he is able to regenerate them at will, this doesn't really bother him and he shrugs it off, but when he finds out they're being used to create a new weapon he asks Captain American and Wolverine to help him find out exactly what is going on.

As they are all people who have endured the Weapon Plus plan, they want to make sure that the plan is stopped before it can go too far, but that doesn't change the fact that Deadpool works better alone.

6 Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Volume 1

Being the outcast can have its positives but it can also have its negatives, which is why we can understand why Deadpool may not feel like he is taken that seriously by the rest of the heroes that exist within the Marvel universe.

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In an attempt to show everyone, including the reader, that he shouldn't be messed with, he goes on a huge killing spree, taking out both heroes and villains that exist with him in the Marvel universe. Watching him use both his brains and his brawn to exact violent revenge is always fun to watch. As much as we loved reading it, it was a ridiculous series to begin with!

5 The Final Execution Saga

We all know that Deadpool is insane, but we like the fact that the comic books have made the effort to highlight that he can have moments of sanity, ones that show he still has a heart and an understanding of what is both good and bad. For example, in this storyline from Uncanny X-Force, he and a team of X-Men that have turned into a hit squad come together to for somewhat of a dysfunctional family.

However, when they're tasked with killing a mutant child, Deadpool refuses, going against the rest of the squad and saving the child instead. Seeing this serious side of Deadpool was interesting but we always prefer when he's goofy.

4 Deadpool: Suicide Kings

One of the interesting things about the character of Deadpool is that it's insanity that makes him such a wonderful thing to read and watch, but also can make him hugely unpredictable for everyone that he lives around. In this series of comic books, he is framed for the death of numerous civilians, and with the sort of reputation he holds, most people just assume that he did it, with The Punisher decapitating him before he can get a fair trial.

Obviously, he survives, and the two of them team up with Spider-Man and Daredevil when it's revealed that Tombstone had been framing Deadpool all along. It's definitely a good one, but we never like The Punisher pushing his way into someone else's storyline!

3 If Looks Could Kill

Choosing to throw together both Cable and Deadpool was a genius idea on the part of Marvel, as it has always been fun to watch the insane goofball bounce off the serious nature of Cable, and the first time they come together is one of the best.

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When the two of them are essentially locked together, the DNA combined by a virus that makes it impossible for Cable to teleport without the other coming with him, they're forced to start working together. The series lasted for a long time, as the readers could see how great the chemistry between the two of them was, but the first run of issues were definitely the best.

2 5 Ronin

Unlike pretty much every other form of media out there that is careful to throw caution to the wind and include time travel or alternate timelines, comic books are pretty much obsessed with adding these in whenever they can.

This storyline follows the lives of Psylocke, Hulk, Wolverine, The Punisher, and Deadpool, only in 17th Century Japan. Yes, it's ridiculous, but watching these Samurais come together against a common enemy in a beautifully drawn book is genuinely compelling and worth a look for any major Deadpool fan, which is why we're placing it second.

1 With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence

Comic books are a form of entertainment that has never been afraid of mixing things up and making it as weird as possible. This one storyline follows Deadpool being transported back in time to a specific issue of the old Amazing Spider-Man series, allowing the writers to really make fun of what was accepted at the time in comic books, keeping a lot of the original panels.

We all know that Deadpool is a character that writers can use to satirize the world around them, which is why we think this storyline is the best of them all.

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