15 Hilarious DCEU Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Although the DC Extended Universe is often overlooked in favor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, true fans have stuck with the franchise (and each other) despite the haters and critics trying to bring em down. Now that there are four films in the bag and another six confirmed coming up, the DCEU shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And honestly, why should they, when the combined gross so far of the films has reached over $3 billion despite mixed reviews from critics.

Batman and Superman have been two of the most popular superheroes in comics for decades, and diehard fans will always love the characters no matter who plays them on TV or in the movies. It's a built-in fan base. Still, it's been an emotional ride thus far for DCEU fans, who've faced a lot of disappointment and frustration along the way. Naturally, they took to the internet to vent, through the best means possible—memes.

From sharing hilarious inside jokes to poking fun at the ridiculousness of certain scenes to venting about criticism, these DCEU memes represent the spectrum of emotions only true fans have felt. When you love something, you commit to it through thick and thin, and that's exactly what these memes have done. So if you've seen all the DCEU films and love a clever movie meme, buckle up and indulge in 15 Hilarious DCEU Memes That Only True Fans Would Understand.

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Stache the World Alone Justice League Meme
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15 Stache' the World Alone

Stache the World Alone Justice League Meme

Doesn't the League look adorable with mustaches? Even Gal Gadot doesn't look half bad with one. But why are they all wearing one in the first place, you ask? Simple. Henry Cavill. Justice League reshoots conflicted with the MI6 shoot where Cavill's character has a mustache. He couldn't shave for one, so he had to keep it for the other. It caused quite a controversy for a while.

Alas, we won't get to see Superman sporting a stache anytime soon. They're going to digitally remove it in post-production. See? It's not that the original version of the Justice League was unwatchable, it just wasn't blessed with Cavill's stache powers yet. Like the League in this photo, let us all grow mustaches in remembrance of the one Henry Cavill wore during the reshoots (or at least sport a fake one if you're physically incapable). The film does come out in November, which means you can also participate in Movember and raise awareness about men's health issues in the process.

14 Bald is Best

Superman Lex Luthor Bald Meme

There are an awful lot of people who hate Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of a young Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman. If it isn't for his annoying personality and mannerisms, it's because he looks nothing like the classic depiction of the character. Nothing gets fanboys and girls more riled up then when a character doesn't match either their headcanon or the look they have in the source material (i.e. comics).

Lex Luthor purists were screaming when Eisenberg's version wasn't bald, but why would he be if this was a younger incarnation? In the comics, they change origin stories all the time, and there are even a few instances where Lex is shown with red hair or a receding hairline. Still, maybe DC should have just gone with a bald Lex, since that's what people have come to expect - and God forbid they try to do something a little off kilter.

13 I Like Those Shoes

Batman Supergirl I Like Those Shoes Meme

Who else remembers that awkward moment when Bruce Wayne is caught snooping around LexCorp? After claiming he was just looking for the bathroom, he follows up with an enthusiastic "I like those shoes" as Mercy Graves leaves the room. Um, so does Bruce have a shoe fetish or was that just a brainless response to try and deflect some of the awkwardness at getting caught where he wasn't supposed to be? Maybe both.

Although she's not in any of the DCEU movies, nor even the same shared universe, this meme imagines Bruce saying that to Supergirl's Melissa Benoist instead. Recognize those shoes? Those are Wonder Woman's shoes, which Kara Zor-El donned for a promo spot earlier this year before the Wonder Woman film came out in theaters.

We really dig the saucy faces the two are exchanging here. Perhaps DC can make an exception and have the TV and film universes crossover, if only to annoy Clark Kent with this potential relationship.

12 Robin Factory

Robin Factory Batman v Superman

Hahaha, jokes on you, Batman. Joker may have killed Robin before the events of Batman v Superman, but why stop looking for a replacement when there seems to be an endless supply of orphans in both Metropolis and Gotham? Bruce Wayne can't help seeing himself in these orphaned kids, especially the young boys. They too are lonely and lacking the unconditional love that only a parent can give to a child.

Alfred can try and stop him all he wants, but he'll always "Master Bruce Yes!" at the possibility of recruiting a new orphan sidekick to be his new Robin. Especially during Batman v Superman, there were a ton of adults killed when General Zod was attacking the city, destroying the Wayne Financial building in the process. It's pretty messed up (albeit still amusing) to call it a Robin factory, but it's a meme - what do you expect?

11 Superman Waiting For Justice League Like...

Superman Waiting in a Coffin For Justice League

Okay, we all saw the ending of Batman v Superman (unless you haven't, but then, why are you even reading this list?). After Lois drops a handful of soil on Supes' coffin, it starts to rise ever so slightly before the screen goes black. Superman ain't dead, folks. He always comes back. Some genius Photoshop artist created this hilarious picture (out of an already funny Henry Cavill Instagram post) to prove it.

He's totally chillin inside that coffin, drinking a cup of coffee and regenerating so that he can come back and take care of whatever villain is wreaking havoc on the world. The only question is, how will he return? Will there be clones like in the "Reign of the Supermen" comics storyline? Or, will they save that for Man of Steel 2 and just make him evil or something? Either way, it's not a secret anymore, seeing as Henry Cavill loves leaking stuff about Superman, including a closeup of the black suit he'll presumably be sporting in Justice League.

10 Goddess of Perfection

Goddess of Perfection WonderWoman Meme

What is it about fans who criticize every casting decision that comes out, especially within the DCEU? Gal Gadot got hit pretty hard for Wonder Woman because she wasn't super buff with a massive chest or something. Last time we checked, the original version of Wonder Woman had a tiny Barbie-like waist and thick thighs, but she had a fit build; nothing more, nothing less.

Then they went after her costume; some claimed it was too revealing, while others thought it didn't go far enough. You just can't please everyone, ya know? Wonder Woman is a female warrior. She has breasts. Unless you've run with breasts before, you might not be understand how impractical it would be to have an actress spilling out of her costume during fight scenes, but looks are more important right?

Of course, once the film came out, everyone shut their mouths because Gal Gadot was glorious. She portrayed beauty and strength, despite her not fitting into some people's myopic vision of the character. Luckily, those people weren't the ones making the movie, and now we have a critically acclaimed DCEU movie. FINALLY.

9 The Greatest Villain of All

Villains of the DCEU Rotten Tomatoes Meme

We've got Lex Luthor, General Zod, Doomsday, Ares (not pictured), and the greatest villain in the DCEU: Rotten Tomatoes. Up until Wonder Woman was released, none of the DCEU films were certified fresh by the review aggregator site. Man of Steel missed it just barely, but a lot of people (critics included) have hated on the film more in hindsight.

All this bad press has put quite a damper on DC and depressed the fans, especially when they see the speed and quality at which the MCU films have been released. There's no reason you can't like both DC and Marvel, of course, but when you're comparing the quality of the two universes, DC's looking a little sad thanks to Rotten Tomatoes. Hopefully, they've learned from the success of Wonder Woman, in addition to having the magic of Joss Whedon on their side now.

8 Sick Burn, Batman

Batman v Superman Sick Burn Meme

Batman v Superman was basically just two dudes threatening each other so they wouldn't get in each other's ways. At one point in the film, after the Man of Steel crashed the Dark Knight's beloved ride, Batman had pretty much had it with Supes, and actually had the nerve to ask him if he bleeds. Like, it's an honest question—he is an alien—but still, that's personal, Batman.

While Superman doesn't respond in the movie, but on the internet, people have imagined all sorts of sick burns exchanged between the two, and this was our personal favorite. Superman tries to go for the jugular with the orphan angle, but the fact is, he's in a similar scenario, only his entire planet is gone. Someone needs to make a parody series of Superman and Batman just insulting each other and then crying together because they both miss their parents. You know you'd totally watch that.

7  7. Aqua Martha

AquaMartha Justice League Batman and Aquaman

Okay, we all know Aquaman's mother's name isn't AquaMartha, or even Martha at all (it's Atlanna, if you really want to know), but let's look at the facts here. Bruce Wayne's mother's name? Martha. Clark Kent's Earth mother's name? Martha. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Do you have to have a mother named Martha to be taken seriously in the Justice League? Why do both Batman and Superman's mothers coincidentally share the same name? Did Bob Kane and Bill Finger just copy Jerry Siegel, or did they both like the name Martha a lot for some reason? Neither of their mothers are even named Martha.

This meme gets it. Why don't the writers just rewrite the story to have all the members of the League join because they have a mom named Martha? An even better twist? It's all the same Martha, and they're really all related!

6  6. Marry Me, Superman

Marry Me Superman Meme

You know how there's that one scene in Batman v Superman where there are a bunch of protestors outside the capitol? Well, someone discovered that not all of those signs were calling Superman out. While most were angry at the destruction and carnage he left behind in the battle against General Zod, amongst all that hate were some super fans of the Man of Steel.

Behind a "God Hates Aliens" sign, someone's holding a "Marry Me Superman" sign. Apparently, not all of his fans and admirers died during the Battle of Metropolis. It could have just been Lois trying to make him feel better, of course. But, more than likely, it was one of those fan girls standing next to Clark's lady love behind the barricades, wearing "Superman Saves" shirts. They totally looked star struck and crazy enough to want to marry (and probably have babies with) a dangerous, super-powerful alien. Life choices, people.

5 Poor slipknot

Slipknot Movie Bomb Meme

Poor, gullible Slipknot. You'd think with a background in chemistry, he'd have the brains to deduce when he's being suckered. Captain Boomerang had to try to attempt an escape, roping (pun intended) him into the ruse. It left good ol' Rick Flag with no choice but to detonate the explosive device in his neck. Bombs away, buddy; looks like he was telling the truth after all.

Sorry, but no knot would have been strong enough to protect him from that. We guess dying was worth the risk when you're under the thumb of A.R.G.U.S. At least if they were going to kill him off early, though, they could have at least played out his backstory like they did with the rest of the Suicide Squad.

Meh. He wasn't that interesting of a character anyway.

4 Buttercup Has Had It

Antiope Wonder Woman Buttercup Meme

Who else was completely shocked when they realized that Robin Wright played Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride? Right? Despite the popularity of the '80s Rob Reiner comedy, Wright is almost unrecognizable in one of her first feature film roles. Now she's gone from princess to Amazon general in the Wonder Woman film, kicking butt and taking names. No longer will she be content hearing "as you wish" and waiting for a man to save her.

Antiope (along with the entire Wonder Woman film) has become a symbol of feminism—empowered and fighting her own battles. Still, it's pretty funny to imagine Princess Buttercup actually evolving into Antiope. Wesley must have messed up pretty badly for her to run away to an island completely inhabited by women.

3 Bats Are Not Going to Happen, Batman

Mean Girls Sad Batfleck Meme

There are so many good Batfleck memes out there, but this Mean Girls crossover just takes the cake. Look at poor Sad Batman. He's just sitting there at lunch, harmlessly hoping to strike fear in the hearts of Gotham's criminals, while Regina George completely shuts him down. Apparently, not everyone finds his look all that menacing enough, though. After all, at the end of the day, he's just a grown man in a rubber suit, playing vigilantes and robbers.

Seriously though, Batfleck, we all know you love to brood and relive the deaths of your parents nightly, but the bat motif is so not fetch. You can almost hear Regina talking smack about him saying things like, "No one liked your movie anyway. Even a film with Lindsay Lohan got better reviews than yours, so stop trying to make bats happen. Even better, stop trying to make the DCEU happen, Batman." Ouch.

2 He Protec, He Attac

He Protec He Attack He Jack Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman Meme

One of those dank meme phenomenas on Twitter and Reddit, the "He protect, he attac" memes reemerged last year with a vengeance. Now, it's not only important that he protects and attacks, but most importantly, that he does something else too (whatever that something may be). Inserting a superhero like Batman was the perfect way to demonstrate the ridiculous logic of this hilarious internet meme. Taken from the Battle of Metropolis scene in Batman v Superman—as well as when Batman was wailing on a baddie—in Batman/Bruce Wayne's case what's most important is his ability to get the people he cares about killed.

Why the hell didn't Jack O'Dwyer evacuate the building along with everyone else? He just stood there with his mouth open as Zod destroyed the city. He went down with the Wayne Industries tower like a captain on a sinking ship. If anything, that should have been Bruce going down with the building, but he was too busy protec-ing and attac-ing for that to happen.

1 Batman v. Lego Batman

Ben Affleck and Lego Batman Rotten Tomatoes Meme

Here's another Sad Batman meme, even though Ben Affleck isn't in the suit. This is actually a mash-up of two different memes from two different shared universes, with an added twist; the first of course is Affleck's bummer reaction to a reporter asking him about the recently revealed (and crappy) Batman v Superman reviews, and the other is a pic of Marvel's Captain America, Chris Evans, laughing his ass off during a separate interview. This mash-up was a widespread meme itself (with the Civil War reviews being displayed in the box above), but then some genius put Lego Batman's head on Evans and made this press tour photo mash-up the most relatable DCEU meme of all.

DC fans truly wanted Batman v Superman to be good. We were all worried when Batfleck got cast, but he wasn't really the problem at all. Sadly, one of the core films for setting up the DCEU was just a pile of steaming bat guano. How a parody version of the character became the favored portrayal is mind-boggling, but undeniably true, as this meme shows us. You have to admit, Will Arnett nailed the brooding, egotistical side of Batman far beyond expectations. Now if only the two Batmen would team up for the next film, DC might have another hit on their hands.


Do you have any other personal favorite DCEU memes to share? Let us know in the comments!

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