The 10 Best DCEU Funko Pops, Ranked

Although some of its early entries proved to be controversial among critics, the DC Extended Universe looks like it’s on the right track with a string of hits that have pleased as many fans and critics as Marvel’s movies. Films like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam! have won over legions of moviegoers – comic book fanatics and passive viewers alike – and even the early installments, like Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, were enjoyed by certain DC diehards who were just glad to see their favorite heroes and villains on the big screen.

So, here are The 10 Best DCEU Funko Pops, Ranked.

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10 Funko 31177 Pop Heroes: Aquaman – Arthur Curry in Hero Suit Collectible Figure, Multicolor


Aquaman was a laughing stock in the DC Comics fan community until Jason Momoa came along and saw to that. Ripped and covered in tribal tattoos, Momoa’s Arthur Curry is unlike any incarnation we’ve seen before, and it’s not hard to argue that he’s the most interesting incarnation yet, either.

His 2018 solo movie grossed over $1 billion at the worldwide box office and became not only the highest-grossing movie in the DCEU but the highest-grossing movie adapted from DC Comics, period – topping even Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. In this Funko Pop, Aquaman can be seen in his classic orange-and-green costume with his trident in hand.

9 Funko POP! Movies: DC Justice League – Batman Toy Figure


Ben Affleck departed from the role of Batman in the DCEU earlier this year, making way for Robert Pattinson to be cast as a younger Bruce Wayne to replace him. Although Pattinson’s Batman is shaping up to be a refreshing change of pace, Batfleck will surely be missed by many DC fans.

Some even considered Affleck’s version of Batman to be the best on-screen version yet. He was shown to be angrier and more emotionally tormented than the previous versions. He used “billionaire Bruce Wayne” as the mask and Batman as his true identity, which is perfect for the character.

8 Funko POP! Heroes: Shazam – Shazam


Shazam! was the surprise hit of the year. The latest installment in a franchise that started with Superman breaking a man’s neck, it was essentially a body-swap comedy in the vein of Big.

Billy Batson is just a regular kid who gets the opportunity to transform into an adult superhero with a single magical word. Since he is a kid at heart, he’s easier for kids to relate to than an alien god or a weaponized billionaire. Zachary Levi played the character perfectly – not only does he have the look; he has the bubbly, childlike energy to pull it off, too.

7 Funko POP! Movies: DC Justice League – The Flash Toy Figure


DC fans have been waiting years to see Ezra Miller’s Flash get his own solo movie, and it could finally be on the verge of happening. Miller said recently that the movie has been “absolutely confirmed” by Warner Bros. after months of speculation leading to the actor going as far as writing his own script for the film.

The Flash has been set up as a promising addition to the DCEU, and thanks to the lighter tone set by Aquaman and Shazam!, now might be the perfect time for the Scarlet Speedster to become a permanent fixture in this franchise.

6 Funko POP! Movies: DC Justice League – Cyborg Toy Figure


Ray Fisher’s Cyborg is supposed to be getting a solo movie in the DCEU next year. Its 2020 release date is still on Warner Bros.’ release slate and the studio hasn’t made any announcements about it being delayed, although that does seem likely.

Zack Snyder’s original cut of Justice League reportedly had a lengthy story arc for Cyborg that saw Victor Stone as a college football star who gets into a car accident before being saved by his absent mad-scientist father by being turned into Cyborg. Fans are holding out hope that some of this footage can one day be salvaged for a solo movie.

5 Funko Pop Heroes Suicide Squad Enchantress DC Legion of Collectors Exclusive Vinyl Figure 110


Cara Delevingne had some pretty big boots to fill, playing the villain in a movie where a bunch of villains – and not just any villains; iconic villains – were also the heroes. But it’s fair to say that she did a good job with the role of the Enchantress.

She played her as a terrifying force of nature, which is exactly what she is in the comics. The visual effects and costume design teams did a fantastic job of translating the mystical look of the character for the screen, too, and that look has been beautifully recreated in this Funko Pop figure.

4 Funko Pop Heroes Batman vs. Superman Doomsday 6" Figure Summer Convention Exclusive #129


All throughout Batman v Superman, Kal-El was filled with guilt over the fact that he killed someone. In the comics, Superman never kills anybody, so it hit him hard when the climax of Man of Steel left him with no choice but to snap General Zod’s neck to save a family.

In Batman v Superman’s own climax, he was redeemed in the only way possible. He killed Doomsday, the villain that Lex Luthor created by combining the DNA of both Zod and himself, and in doing so, sacrificed his own life as it meant impaling himself on a Kryptonite blade.

3 Funko POP Movies: Suicide Squad Action Figure, Harley Quinn


Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was considered by most fans and critics to be the best part of David Ayer’s 2016 supervillain team-up Suicide Squad. She has proved to be so popular that, while Suicide Squad is getting a soft reboot in lieu of a sequel, courtesy of writer-director James Gunn,

Robbie has been brought back for her own spin-off. She’s producing Birds of Prey, a female-fronted movie revolving around Harley Quinn and a couple of other DC antiheroes teaming up to take down Black Mask, for a 2020 release. It’s shaping up to be a pretty great movie, especially with Robbie working behind the camera as well as in front of it.

2 Funko POP! Movies: DC Justice League – Wonder Woman Toy Figure


It’s hard to believe that the Warner Bros. studio executives once considered a Wonder Woman movie to be a risk. She’s now one of the characters in the DCEU whose solo movies are guaranteed to be a huge hit. Patty Jenkins directed her first movie, which was adored by both fans and critics, and she’s returning for the second, which is due in theaters early next year.

Gal Gadot was the perfect casting to bring DC’s beloved Amazonian warrior to the big screen, and she looks set to continue playing the character for a long time. In this Funko Pop figure, she can be seen with her trusty blade and the Lasso of Truth.

1 Funko POP! Movies: DC Justice League – Superman Toy Figure


The DCEU has given us the dark version of Superman. For years, we’ve seen Superman as a bright, colorful, all-American hero whose only flaw is that he can’t be in more than one place at once to save every single person in danger.

However, the Superman we’ve gotten to know in the DCEU is more nuanced than that. He was raised by a more miserable and pessimistic Martha and Jonathan Kent, and as a result, he’s conflicted about what his purpose in life might be. This Funko Pop shows us Henry Cavill’s version of Superman, right after a “superhero landing,” with no red underpants on his costume.

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