10 DC TV Crossovers We Want To See

Supergirl and Gotham

Even though Supergirl’s producers had previously commented that they wouldn’t do any crossovers, they recently decided to change their mind! Last week, it was excitedly announced that The Flash will do a crossover episode with the CBS show. This is a huge deal because crossovers have mostly happened within the “Arrowverse” on the CW.

With this crossover between channels happening, that leaves a whole lot of possibilities open for other crossover episodes. While Barry Allen and Oliver Queen frequently visit each other’s cities, not many other characters have had the same opportunity. If it’s for a whole episode or just a small cameo, these DC characters should have a chance meet other characters, not just in the same universe, but in the DC multiverse that seems to be forming.

Here are 10 DC TV Crossovers We Want To See

10 Nyssa Al Ghul (Arrow) in Legends of Tomorrow

Sara Lance and Nyssa Al Ghul

When we last saw Nyssa, she was desperately trying to find justice for Sara Lance’s murder. In season 2, she and Sara had a romantic relationship from their time together in the League of Assassins. Even though her father, Ra’s Al Ghul, wanted Nyssa to kill Sara because of her abandonment, she disobeyed him and let her go. And after her death, Nyssa hasn’t been around much.

A Nyssa and Sara reunion is much needed, and Legends of Tomorrow could easily give one to the audience. Ra’s Al Ghul is set to make an appearance on the show as an adversary at some point. There’s no better opportunity than that to bring back Nyssa for a tearful reunion.

9 Firestorm (Legends of Tomorrow) in The Flash

The Flash and Firestorm

Even though Robbie Amell didn’t join Victor Garber as Firestorm in Legends of Tomorrow, Franz Drameh has been terrific as the fiery hero. Since he has proven that he has chemistry with Garber, it would be interesting to see what the differences would be like in The Flash with Amell’s absence.

Did Ronnie die and that’s why Caitlin became the Killer Frost? It could provide for a very awkward encounter, but also for a potential explanation on why Robbie Raymond hasn’t graced our screens. If it doesn’t, then Franz can at least show S.T.A.R Labs that he’s just as good in action.

8 Harrison Wells (The Flash) in Legends of Tomorrow

Harrison Wells and Rip Hunter

Harrison Wells (or Eobard Thawne, if we’re getting technical) may have been a villain, but he was also a brilliant scientist. Him and Rip Hunter share a common hobby: time travel. Rip Hunter was technically the first person to build a time sphere—the device that Eobard used to travel back in time. If Rip happened to bump into Harrison while he was constructing the machine, that could conjure up a fascinating conversation about time travel.   

Since Rip’s ship, Waverider, is accustomed to time travel and just happens to have Gideon as one of it's chief operators, having Harrison on for a cameo would fit in really well. It would be fun for the Legends to visit Harrison’s actual era in the 22nd century, but simply going to present time Century City wouldn’t be a bad either. He and Rip Hunter could engage in topics about the future with Harrison while preparing him for events that haven’t happened yet

7 John Constantine (Constantine) in Legends of Tomorrow

Constantine and Legends of Tomorrow

Even though he has already helped Oliver Queen in an episode of Arrow, it’s about time for John Constantine to make another appearance. Since his cameo primarily had to do with Sara Lance’s resurrection, it makes sense that he would be seen in Legends of Tomorrow. Perhaps Rip Hunter and the Legends have to face some sort of magical creature or anomaly and Sara has Oliver contact John to help them rid of it.

It has been rumored that John would become part of the Legends in season 2, and possibly even lead it. If that is true, then that could be his ticket into the show. His cynical, eccentric attitude makes him occasionally unbearable to deal with, but with his rare gift, there’s not much anyone can do. However, it would be great to see that annoying attitude try to get by with the likes of Captain Cold or Heat Wave. It could be the start of a “friendly” rivalry.

6 Supergirl (Supergirl) in Gotham

Supergirl and Gotham

With the announcement that Barry Allen will be paying a visit to National City, hopefully that means Kara Danvers will be travelling to other universes and dimensions as well. Even though she has the entire “Arrowverse” at her disposal, it would be very interesting if she could somehow go to the universe in which Gotham takes place.

Kara is used to a fun and joyful atmosphere so having to spend a day in glum and crime-ridden Gotham would be a completely new experience for her. Perhaps her interacting with Bruce Wayne or Detective Gordon could spark an appearance of a future Batman on Supergirl?

5 White Canary (Legends of Tomorrow) in Supergirl

Supergirl and White Canary

Sara Lance has been an inspiration for many people, from Laurel Lance to Oliver Queen. She was trapped on an island and brought in by the League of Assassins to become a trained killer for Ra’s Al Ghul. She’s sacrificed herself for her family many times, and has even trained her sister, Laurel, to take her place as Black Canary. And since Kara is a regular young woman who probably suffers from self esteem issues like every other girl, she needs someone to teach her to be confident with her abilities.

Even though she has Winn Schott and James Olsen watching out for her, it would be great to see her get a different perspective from a female hero. That may include training or fighting some lowlife “bad boys” in an alley somewhere. Sure, Sara may be human, unlike Kara, but that doesn’t make her qualifications any less outstanding.

4 Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (iZombie) in The Flash

Ravi and Cisco in The Flash and iZombie

Like Olivia, Ravi has one of those shining personalities that you can’t help but love. He’s a brilliant mortician who has quite the morbid curiosity of Olivia’s new cravings. He helps keep Olivia’s secret and makes sure that she doesn’t go into “full on zombie mode” by feeding her brains. If he were to visit Central City—more specifically, S.T.A.R. Labs— Ravi might get a new best friend.

Ravi and Cisco would get along so well that they would be a better couple than Troy and Abed from Community. Together, they would help Olivia and Barry on some sort of case while cracking all sorts of quips. Even though Ravi’s role wouldn’t be a large one, the CW has to find a way to get him and Cisco together as soon as possible.

3 Olivia Moore (iZombie) in The Flash

Supergirl and iZombie

Even though she’s a zombie, Olivia is not devoid of personality. She’s fun, snarky, and a little bit awkward (you would be too if you had to hide your zombie side). Her peppy self would do great in a lighter show like The Flash. With her brain-eating psychic powers, she would be a huge help to Barry Allen and the Century City Police Department. She could help on a case and eat the brains of the victims to find where the next meta-human is, or talk to Caitlin about the struggles of ex-fiancés.

And maybe Cisco will try to flirt with Olivia and find out the hard way that she’s not exactly human—like walking in on her eating a corpse. Of course, the episode can’t end without one of her shifting personalities making someone feel uncomfortable or violated. Either way, iZombie’s tone meshes with The Flash and would make for a hilarious murder mystery.

2 Captain Cold and Heat Wave (Legends of Tomorrow) in Arrow

Captain Cold and Heatwave

Captain Cold and Heat Wave might be the greatest duo of villains in the DC show universe. Their constant snarky comments makes them entertaining whether they’re aiding the heroes or robbing banks. While they originally made their debuts in The Flash, they soon became part of the gang in The Legends of Tomorrow. And since they have made appearances in both shows, it only makes sense that they appear in the other part of the “Arrowverse.

Even though they’re usually creating more trouble than anything, they seem to have a (slight) change of heart on Legends. That change could transfer over to Starling City and have them and Oliver Queen reluctantly working together on a similar cause. Captain Cold and Heat Wave would be a fantastic compliment to Oliver Queen’s cold and serious personality. And, since they work with White Canary, that should settle the tension a bit.

1 Rip Hunter (Legends of Tomorrow) in Anything

Legends of Tomorrow - Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter

Even though Arthur Darvill has had his fair share in time travel in Doctor Who, he is now the time master in Legends of Tomorrow. He’s responsible for the formation of the legendary team that will ultimately save the world from Vandal Savage. He’s able to go back in time with his ship, Waverider, and go to any era he wants. Whether it be Gotham or The Flash, he would fit into any of the DC shows perfectly because of his knowledge of the future.

He knows about technologies that haven’t been invented yet and about certain events in different dimensions. This could aid any hero in their mission to obliterate a certain enemy, or prevent a catastrophic occurrence from happening. Plus, he was the first person to build a time sphere. That’s got to be useful to someone, like someone from S.T.A.R. Labs.


Can you think of any other DC TV crossovers that would be great to see realized? Let us know in the comments!

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