The 10 Best DC Animated Original Movies, Ranked

Many argue that DC's original animated movies are better than their live action ones. There are certainly some amazing ones in the bunch.

Many fans will argue that DC animated films are way better than their live-action films. They won’t get any argument from us. They have certainly perfected their animated films to the point where fans are looking out for the next one as if they can’t breathe without them. Over the years they seem to get better. We truly believe it depends on what storyline they follow, what version of the whatever superhero they are using and of course the popularity of particular writers and comics. This list doesn’t do a lot of them justice because there are way more than 10 great DC films. This list is just scratching the surface.

10 Wonder Woman

In 2009 actress Keri Russell stepped into the Amazonian boots of Diana of Themyscira. It was a typical origin story following Diana as she longs to leave her home and venture out into the real world. Unfortunately, Steve Trevor crash lands into her utopian island and begins a set of events that allows Ares, the god of war to escape from his prison on the island.

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This film certainly was an inspiration for the 2017 film featuring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. It’s a great pretense to what we could expect to see from the film. The only real difference is the animated version takes place in the modern day and the film takes place in the 1940s during World War II.

9 Batman: Year One

There are a lot of Batman animated films out there. This makes a lot of sense because Batman is the number one superhero for DC. He makes the most appearances and a lot of the storylines are either around him or involve him helping out to save people. Batman: Year One isn’t the best Batman film but what makes it awesome is how true it stays to Frank Miller’s story of the same name. In addition, Gordon Miller is at his best in this version. He and Batman are the ultimate team. Yet, Gordon is still getting used to the idea that people like Batman exist. He is such a good detective that he looks past this and wants to focus on keeping the residents of Gotham safe at all costs.

8 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

It’s kind of crazy that The Flash would get a standalone animated film. He has always just been the sidekick; someone people call upon to help out. However, his rise in popularity occurred when The Flash TV was created. We are sure the creators of the animated series were aware that the show was set to premiere a year later.

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The movie focused on The Flash in a war-torn alternate timeline. He must team up with alternate versions of fellow heroes so he can return home and restore the timeline. It’s basically the Justice League teaming up to save their alternate selves. Justin Chambers voiced Barry Allen/The Flash and Michael B. Jordan voiced Victor Stone/Cyborg.

7 Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

With the hype around the much-anticipated Suicide Squad film in 2016 fans were hoping to experience something phenomenal. It, unfortunately, fell flat. So the release of the animated film Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay excited fans who believed they were gipped in some way. It was digitally released in March 2018 and recently was released on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 10. It follows the newly assembled Suicide Squad years after a mission went bad. They are responsible for retrieving a ‘get out of hell free’ card from Maxum. There were still holes in the plot but if you are looking for somewhat of a do-over of the film than this might satisfy you.

6 Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Premiering at WonderCon in 2016, the Justice League vs. Teen Titans animated movie really highlighted what the Teen Titans were made of. The group of misfits was forced to step up and save the Justice League because they are being mind-controlled by Trigon.

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The movie heavily surrounds Robin as he is kicked out of the Justice League for acting erratically and endangering the lives of the other superheroes. What’s great about this film is it has a feel-good aspect to it. Fans actually get to see the family aspect of the Teen Titans and Robin fits in so well it’s as if he was meant to be there.

5 Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

This should really serve as a standalone film. The execs at DC will probably never admit that. They still tried to tie-in a few people and bits and pieces from other storylines. The truth is, Batman is in a whole new era; the Victorian Era. they are still in Gotham city and Alfred is still his right-hand man. Even Selena Kyle and James Gordon make appearances. The best thing about this film is Batman is investing the Ripper murders. Yes, a crossover between true crime and Batman who wouldn’t be interested. This wasn’t a fan favorite but it didn’t get horrible reviews. Fans actually acknowledged that it was better than they expected.

4 Batman: Bad Blood

The Bat Family shines in this film. We know it’s called Batman: Bad Blood but Bruce Wayne’s Batman is really apart of this film. The man in the bat suit is Dick Grayson. This is because Bruce Wayne has disappeared.

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His whereabouts are danced around. But let’s be honest, the movie is honest about Bruce Wayne’s Batman not being the focal point of this animated film. Those who choose to watch it are well aware that they are meeting an extremely different Batman. The great thing about this film is it is action-packed. This is what will bring in Batman fans.

3 Batman: The Killing Joke

Alan Moore’s material was used to make this animated film. At first, people were concerned about how it would play out on screen seeing as it was such an intense piece of work. That being said, it is well worth your attention. Batman is at a point where he is beyond frustrated with the Jokers antics.

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He has continued to murder people for reckless reasons and he always seems to break out of prison when they can actually catch him. There are certain plot points that fans deemed unnecessary like the romance that sparks between Batman and Batgirl. Even if you are not a fan of comics and or even animated versions of comics, The Killing Joke is actually one that you can enjoy.

2 Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman and Harley Quinn teaming up in a film together is nothing new. Every once in a while someone can get through to Harley Quinn and make her see that her man is not stable. Whether she follows through with the plan is another story. She is usually in it for herself. She proves yet again to be in on the plot for herself. Not only is she looking for her man but when she finds him they have a whole set of random plans. Many fans hate this movie but if we are going to be honest, there have been worse films. One of the things that makes this animated appealing is the bits of comedy. You will laugh as the storyline progresses. You have to decide if you are laughing at the film or the jokes written for the film.

1 All-Star Superman

All-Star Superman the comic has received all the high praises so naturally, the animated movie had high expectations. The story is insanely sad and truly connects fans to Superman at a time in his life when he realizes he just can’t fix everything. Superman is terminally ill and yet he is still spending the little bit of time he had left worrying about restoring order to the world. The story is gripping and eye-opening watching him say goodbye to his friends and family is something that fans never realized was a possibility. All-Star Superman gave fans a reason to love Superman in a new way. His vulnerability is eye-opening.

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