14 Best Daredevil Team-Ups in Marvel History

Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage form Marvel Netflix The Defenders Team Up.

Daredevil has had a long and colorful career in Marvel comics. Throughout his rich history, he’s established a reputation for many things. He’s known for being blind, being a lawyer, having heightened, radar senses, and wearing a red horned suit, but he’s not known for being a team player. Sure, he’s had brief stints with The Defenders, the New Avengers, and even founded Marvel Knights, but it never takes long for him to return to his solo career.

The thing is, Daredevil has always had friends. A lot of them. In fact, many of the most significant events in Daredevil’s career revolve around a diverse and rotating cast of characters popping in and out of his life. Granted, very few of them are long term engagements, but Daredevil doesn’t always work alone.

To enumerate all of Daredevil’s greatest allies and associates, here are the 14 Best Daredevil Team-Ups in Marvel History.

14 Black Widow

Daredevil and Black Widow

Matt Murdock represented Natasha Romanova in court when she was framed for murder, and the two soon fell in love. The duo moved to San Francisco, where they fought crime as a pair for some time, even getting their own shared title - Daredevil and the Black Widow - for a few issues. The partnership (and relationship) didn’t last, but the two characters still cross paths on occasion, maintaining an on-again-off-again romance and crime-fighting partnership.

One such meeting has Matt calling Natasha in to babysit an infant he believes to be the incarnation of the Anti-Christ. She’s initially (and understandably) offended by the nature of the request, but proves she's the perfect agent for the job when it evolves (or devolves) from simply babysitting to protecting the young infant from Daredevil himself.

While the idea of seeing their relationship play out in live action via a Daredevil and the Black Widow Netflix miniseries is obviously pretty appealing, it’s extremely doubtful that the MCU would ever capitalize on this shared history. Movie and TV contracts are complicated things, and Scarlett Johansson isn’t likely to play a role for one of the Netflix shows, and Charlie Cox will at most see a cameo in a Marvel theatrical release.

13 Captain America

Daredevil and Captain America

Captain America has had several run-ins with Daredevil over the years, many of which don’t begin amicably. Cap tends to find issues with some of Daredevil’s more violent methods, so many of their encounters include a brief sparring match before they talk out their problems, and usually land on the same page.

When Nuke - the result of a failed attempt to revive the Super Soldier project - starts turning Hell’s Kitchen into a war zone, Captain America steps in to help Daredevil subdue the rogue agent. Considering season one of Jessica Jones introduced Will Simpson - Nuke’s real name - it would be thrilling to see this story play out in a future season of Daredevil.

Unfortunately, just like with Black Widow, Marvel Studios and Marvel TV aren’t very liberal with the crossovers, so it’s unlikely we’ll see Chris Evans on the small screen any time soon.

12 Spider-Man

Daredevil and Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Daredevil have been teaming up for over half a century. They have a long shared history, and also share most of the same rogues gallery. The two characters provide excellent crossover opportunities, because their origins are vaguely similar, and they are both street heroes that need to hold down a job in their spare time to pay the bills.

Since the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and the Man Without Fear tend to keep to their local stomping grounds (as opposed to tackling more global or cosmic threats), the two encounter each other on a regular basis and are known to be very close friends who have learned each other’s secret identities. Spider-Man even wore the Daredevil suit for a one time as a decoy to help Matt Murdock keep his identity secret - an activity that has been practiced by more than one of his friends.

Charlie Cox has said he’d love to have Spider-Man team up with Daredevil on the Netflix show, but it’s not clear how the rights would be managed in that situation, since Spider-Man is still owned by Sony, and it's possible the deal to use him may currently only extend to Marvel Studios, and not Marvel TV.

11 Luke Cage

Luke Cage, AKA Power Man, is another street level hero who runs in similar social circles to the Guardian Devil. The Hero for Hire is married to Jessica Jones and is more of a family man these days, but he’s had several encounters with both Daredevil and Matt Murdock over the years.

Most of the meet ups between the two heroes have been on good terms. Cage even served as Matt Murdock’s bodyguard at one point. But they have also had multiple less casual encounters, including a “Cage Match” in which the two vigilante’s squared off to determine which yielded the best results: brains and technique, or muscle and power? It was a draw.

Luke Cage has already made a live-action appearance on Jessica Jones, and he’s about to get his own show later this year. With confirmation of a live-action Defenders series in the works, it’s only a short time before we get to see Charlie Cox and Mike Colter share the screen as Daredevil and Power Man.

10 Iron Fist

Iron Fist

The martial arts master Danny Rand - who goes by Iron Fist - is another character with frequent Daredevil crossovers. Often paired with his best bud Luke Cage as “Heroes for Hire,” the team not only works with Daredevil, but they are also hired at one point by Foggy Nelson to protect Matt when he meets with a dangerous client (Foggy is obviously not aware of who his partner is during off hours just yet).

Iron Fist’s biggest service to Daredevil comes during the events of Civil War, when he dons the mantle of Daredevil to help protect the identity of Matt’s alter ego while he’s unable to. Iron Fist, as Daredevil, even joined #TeamCap and opposed Superhero registration. Unfortunately, that’s probably not the type of side plot we’ll see from Captain America: Civil War.

The Living Weapon will get his live-action debut in 2017, with Finn Jones playing Danny Rand. As another member of The Defenders, we’ll definitely be seeing him and Daredevil share the screen before long, in separate costumes...probably.

9 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is another member of Heroes for Hire, and is married to Luke Cage, so she obviously shares the page with Daredevil on multiple occasions as well. In fact, one of Jones’s biggest villains, Killgrave (spelled "Kilgrave" in the TV series), was originally a Daredevil villain.

She is one of several heroes that has the opportunity to work with both Matt Murdock and the Scarlet Swashbuckler as her P.I. firm - Alias Investigations - is occasionally hired for work by Nelson and Murdock. Along with Luke Cage, Jessica also plays bodyguard for Matt during a time when his secret identity had been outed.

Jessica Jones already has a popular season up on Netflix, and there has been some Daredevil synergy already seen there, but Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter have yet to share any screen time together. With Luke Cage on the way and The Defenders series looming, Alias Investigations and Nelson and Murdock just might have some work to do in the near future.

8 Deadpool

Daredevil and Deadpool

Anyone who has seen both the recent Daredevil series and Deadpool movie may not immediately think “Daredevil and Deadpool would go well together,” but the two characters have worked with each other many times over the years. Despite their shared penchant for red spandex, they don’t have many other similarities, which makes them great foils for each other.

Deadpool’s constant wisecracking contrasted with Daredevil’s no-nonsense approach definitely serves to bring out the best in each character, even if it can often lead to conflicts between the two. Daredevil isn’t entirely without humor, though, as Deadpool occasionally draws cracks from him, such as “If it only it was the ears instead of the eyes…”

On the live action front, it will likely be years - if ever - before we see the Merc With the Mouth match wits with the Scarlet Avenger, due to the nature of the rights distribution, but we can still enjoy the escapades of the crimson duo in the pages of comics until that day comes.

7 White Tiger

Daredevil and White Tiger

Angela Del Toro is one of the more recent additions to Daredevil’s long list of friends. As an FBI agent curious about the motivations of Superheroes, Daredevil takes her under his wing and helps her launch her own solo career as White Tiger. Daredevil’s decision to bring her into the world of vigilantism quickly pays off, as she soon after rescues him from a tight spot with a local mobster and and his enforcer, Gladiator.

There are no known plans to use White Tiger in live-action, although Angela Del Toro was name dropped in a major Easter egg from Jessica Jones. The Marvel Netflix world is quickly expanding, and may be prone to overcrowding, but it’s still exciting to see the groundwork is being laid for characters like White Tiger, even if it is just a throwaway reference.

6 Punisher

Daredevil and Punisher

Daredevil’s relationships with his allies isn’t always so cut and dry. He’s come to blows with many of his closest friends, so it may not be surprising to know that he’s had several partners over the years that don’t see eye to eye with him on much. Punisher is one such ally. Daredevil frequently finds himself on the opposite end of Punisher’s gun(s), and the two have come to blows on so many occasions, that Daredevil was even driven to found the Marvel Knights team to face off against the one man army.

Just because they hold several fundamental moral disagreements doesn’t mean they can never pool their resources, though. Punisher even (ironically) joined the ranks of Marvel Knights for a stint. On one specific occasion, Daredevil teams up with Spider-Man and Punisher to protect a MacGuffin called the Omega Drive, which is being pursued by just about every major criminal organization in the world. Daredevil and Punisher still don’t necessarily settle their differences here, but they do at least find temporary common ground.

Punisher is about to make his first live-action debut in the MCU in Daredevil's second season, although the trailers don’t make it appear as if they’ll find much commonality. Rumor has it that Jon Bernthal is a scene stealer and that Marvel is considering a series just for him, so the on-screen history between these two vigilantes isn’t nearly over.

5 Elektra

Daredevil and Elektra

Elektra Natchios is Matt Murdock’s college girlfriend turned deadly assassin. The two young lovebirds hit it off like only two characters written for each other could, but she abruptly breaks off contact and flees the country after the assassination of her father.

Years later, she’s manipulated by the Kingpin into targeting Daredevil for assassination, but upon learning that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is actually her former lover, Matt Murdock, she joins forces with him to team up against the ninjas of The Hand. Like most of Matt’s former lovers, they tend to retain an on-again-off-again relationship and rivalry in the comics. When she’s alive, that is.

The first season of Daredevil may have only had a brief Easter egg reference to Elektra, but it appears as if she’ll be a significant player for the show's second season.

4 Echo

Echo is yet another Matt Murdock romance turned hero. Maya Lopez was born deaf, but has the metahuman ability to master and repeat any skill simply by seeing it. This skill makes her useful to the Kingpin, who puts her to work as an enforcer.

Desiring to take out Daredevil, the Kingpin has him framed for the death of Echo’s father, sicking her on the hero. Unfortunately for the Kingpin, Maya had formed a romantic relationship with Matt Murdock, and soon realizes that he and Daredevil are one in the same, causing her to shoot Kingpin in the face, rendering him (ironically) blind.

Maya Lopez hasn’t garnered a reference in the MCU just yet, but we’d love to see her referenced in season 2!

3 Stick

As a young boy, Matt was trained in various forms of martial arts by his blind mentor, Stick. Stick instructed Matt on how to properly utilize his abilities and to learn to see without seeing. He also briefly trained Elektra before realizing she had embraced too many dark emotions to be a part of his secret order, The Chaste.

Stick is the single most influential figure in Matt becoming - and remaining - Daredevil. He’s not only the one responsible for Matt’s initial training in the mastery of his radar senses and schooling in martial arts, but later on he helps him to regain his senses when they were lost due to Matt’s proximity to a large explosion. Stick tends to be there whenever Matt needs him, and he eventually gives his life to defend Black Widow and Daredevil from the the evil ninjas of The Hand.

Stick makes an appearance in the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil. This version of the character is on much shakier terms with Murdock, pushing him to cross the line into a more violent morality. He’s confirmed to make a reappearance in season 2, likely with strong ties to the presence of The Hand and Elektra.

2 Ben Urich

Ben Urich is an investigative journalist for the Daily Bugle who regularly trades valuable information with Matt for anything that can help him in with his current mission as Daredevil. His keen investigative skills lead him to discover Daredevil’s true identity, but he keeps that information guarded, knowing the importance of Daredevil’s alter-ego remaining a secret.

Urich doesn’t provide any physical aid in the way most of Matt’s other allies do, but he does provide valuable information, and exposes many of Matt’s villains, such as Wilson Fisk, in the press. The Kingpin grows wise to the threat posed by Ben Urich and uses severe intimidation tactics to attempt to gag the impetuous investigator, but the reporter is able to wield his pen to turn public opinion against the mobster...

Ben Urich is a major player in the first season of Daredevil, similarly working to expose the villainy of Wilson Fisk, but his efforts are ended prematurely due to a fatal visit from Fisk himself.

1 Foggy Nelson

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson

In all of Daredevil’s history, Foggy is his most constant companion. Like Ulrich, he doesn’t lend much to Daredevil’s physical exploits, but he’s half of the Nelson/Murdock duo, and has been instrumental in much of Matt Murdock’s career without the horned headpiece.

Matt and Foggy initially met in college where they were roommates, but that was only the start. When Foggy eventually wins his campaign for District Attorney, he works with Daredevil on some investigations, and offers the role of assistant District Attorney to Matt. Upon losing a later election, Foggy and Matt decide to open the famed Nelson and Murdock storefront legal office.

Throughout their careers, both Matt and Foggy seem to regularly end up in jail and/or lose their legal license, but they are always there to bail each other out, literally and figuratively.


He may like to pretend he’s a solo act, but without a diverse cast of allies, it’s pretty clear that Matt Murdock would not be the crime fighter - or lawyer - we all know and love. Do you have a favorite Daredevil team up? Who would you most like to see make an appearance in a future season of Daredevil on Netflix? Let us know in the comments!

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