5 Best Dance Battle Movies

Who can forget Bring it On, the extremely cheesy cheerleader movie from 2000? Although the dancing in Bring it On isn't necessarily "dancing," per say, this is still one of the quintessential dance competition movies of this generation. It also might not fit perfectly into the dance battle genre, but many of its elements were duplicated by films like Step Up, and so we think it deserves a mention.

In a way, Bring it On created the blueprint for many of the dance movies that came after it, from the social outcast with the innate talent trope to the overly silly tryout montage. And it even spawned a whole series of off-brand sequels, like many dance movies do. Step Up set the groundwork for the new school, but Bring It On made the dance battle movie palatable to a wider audience. We also wouldn't be surprised if Bring It On's success had something to do with Kirsten Dunst being cast as Mary Jane in Spider-Man.

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