5 Best Dance Battle Movies

It would have been hard to make a list about dance battle movies, or dance movies in general, without including Dance Flick, a slapstick parody that poked fun at the recent flurry (back in the early to late 2000s) of dance movies. Although Dance Flick's jabs were mostly directed at films like You Got Served and Save the Last Dance, no  film was safe. For as much as dance movies have their appeals, they are also inherently goofy. Dance Flick embraced that, and did its best to poke fun while being entertaining.

While not nearly as funny as the other Wayans Bros. parody films (e.g. Scary Movie, Don't be a Menace…), there was still a lot to like about Dance Flick, especially for fans of the dance movie genre. On top of that, the film introduced us to the comedic talent that is Damon Wayans Jr., who some might also know from the TV series Happy Endings.

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