5 Best Dance Battle Movies

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Like the mockumentary or the Paul Thomas Anderson movie, the dance battle movie is a rare thing. While there are plenty of dance competition shows on television, there are very few movies that put a fictional spin on the idea of battling it out through dance. This weekend's new release Battle of the Year 3D is such a movie, and has prompted us to look at the dance battle movie genre and pick out some of our favorites.

Although the genre is relatively thin, there are some pretty spectacular, or at least spectacle-filled, dance battle movies out there, each trying to put a different spin on a pretty basic concept. South Park said it best when they established the ground rules for a dance battle: someone dances in front of you or your group and you've been served, then you dance in front of them and then it's on. That's really all one needs to know.

Without further ado, allow us to serve up our choices for the 5 Best Dance Battle Movies.

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