11His Cybernetic Origins

Cyborg's origin story, unlike many other characters in comics, has stayed pretty consistent over the years. It wasn’t until the New 52, when DC rebooted its entire universe in 2011, that Victor Stone’s origins were changed slightly. Victor Stone was a star high school football player with

incredible intelligence. Not only did he possess natural smarts, but his parents, scientists at DC's S.T.A.R. Labs, also subjected him to an experiment that would possibly boost his intellect. It worked, but only increased the animosity growing between Victor and his parents.

During another visit to S.T.A.R. Labs, Victor is mortally wounded after an accident with an interdimensional portal. It is only thanks to his father’s quick thinking and incredible technological advancements that he is able to save Victor’s life, but he also transformed him into a new hybrid that would become known as Cyborg. While the enhancements later helped him fight crime, Victor was not happy or grateful for what his father had done to him.

In the New 52, Cyborg is still given cybernetic body enhancements, but this time his father uses reverse engineered alien technology to outfit his son with the limbs and body parts necessary for survival.

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