10 Things You Need To Know About Cyborg

Victor Stone Cyborg in New 52

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will introduce audiences to many central characters in the DCEU. Several other members of the Justice League will be making cameos, including Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman. One less well-known character who will also make a cameo is the cybernetic hero Cyborg, a.k.a. Victor Stone.

While some were initially surprised when the studio announced that not only would Cyborg appear in Dawn of Justice, but also in his own solo film down the road, it makes a lot of sense when you consider Cyborg's importance to the current DC comic universe. So with Cyborg’s first big screen appearance just around the corner, let’s take a moment to learn some more about who he is and where he comes from.

Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Things You Need To Know About Cyborg!

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11 His Cybernetic Origins

Cyborg's origin story, unlike many other characters in comics, has stayed pretty consistent over the years. It wasn’t until the New 52, when DC rebooted its entire universe in 2011, that Victor Stone’s origins were changed slightly. Victor Stone was a star high school football player with incredible intelligence. Not only did he possess natural smarts, but his parents, scientists at DC's S.T.A.R. Labs, also subjected him to an experiment that would possibly boost his intellect. It worked, but only increased the animosity growing between Victor and his parents.

During another visit to S.T.A.R. Labs, Victor is mortally wounded after an accident with an interdimensional portal. It is only thanks to his father’s quick thinking and incredible technological advancements that he is able to save Victor’s life, but he also transformed him into a new hybrid that would become known as Cyborg. While the enhancements later helped him fight crime, Victor was not happy or grateful for what his father had done to him.

In the New 52, Cyborg is still given cybernetic body enhancements, but this time his father uses reverse engineered alien technology to outfit his son with the limbs and body parts necessary for survival.

10 His Time as a Teen Titan

Cyborg is notable for his history as a member of the Teen Titans. In the comics, he spent decades on the team as one of the central characters of the acclaimed Teen Titans cartoon. But the Teen Titans weren't just a way that he could use his abilities to help people, they were also his family. Due to the self-consciousness he felt about his cybernetic enhancements, Victor Stone became an outsider. Luckily, the Teen Titans’ roster was filled with fellow freaks and outcasts. These outcasts became Vic’s true family and it was here on this team that Cyborg finally found his calling.

Cyborg goes on hundreds of adventures with the Titans and becomes integral to their operations, thanks to both his intellect and technological capabilities. He even meets his best friend, Beast Boy, among the ranks of the Teen Titans. It’s safe to say that Vic ended up needing the Titans just as much as they needed him.

9 He was promoted up in the new 52

New 52 JLA

Not only did Victor’s origin slightly change with the New 52, but his position in the DC Universe changed as well. Now, once given mechanical parts by his father, Vic becomes a founding member of the Justice League, joining Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Flash. Though Victor is still young, his maturity helps him stand tall among these six other icons. Thanks to the Mother Box technology and his knowledge of the New Gods, Cyborg is an integral figure in the Justice League's plan to stop Darkseid’s invasion of Earth.

Then, like the Teen Titans in the previous DC universe, the Justice League help Cyborg overcome his ideas of being an outcast. Thanks to their support and Cyborg’s maturity, he comes to terms with his appearance, so much so that he even forgives his father.

8 He has many cybernetic powers

Despite Cyborg's struggle with his enhancements, the powers they give him are nothing short of incredible. Cyborg is not only one of the most powerful Titans, but also one of the most powerful Justice League members.

Cyborg can interface with practically any computer or piece of technology. This allows him to extrapolate data from anywhere, which gives him an enormous advantage as a hero. Perhaps even more interesting is his ability known as technopathy. This allows him to “hear” and control technology that are either connected to the Internet or communicating on an enclosed line. So, not only can Cyborg manipulate this technology from afar, but he can “hear” the communications and choose to scramble or change the messages. He also has the ability to technomorph, meaning he can assimilate technology with his own body to either repair himself, gain knowledge, or gain a new ability.

Of course Cyborg has many other superpowers, like strength, stamina, speed, flight, x-ray vision, and so on, but it’s his technological and cybernetic abilities that truly set him apart from everyone else.

7 He has had many bodies

Cyborg becoming Cyberion

Like many other heroes, Cyborg has died and come back in the comics. Due to Cyborg’s condition, his deaths and resurrections are usually very different from the other fallen heroes. Given that his body is vulnerable to viruses, Cyborg's mind has been taken over several times before.

One of the first times Cyborg was rebuilt after "death," he lost his mind because of Russian scientists who captured him and altered his mind to suit their needs. Fortunately, his mind was restored later by an intelligent race of aliens named the Technis. Though they had healed him, Vic was forced to integrate his mind with the Technis planet, made solely from technology. He took on the name Cyberion and was eventually turned into a villain due to the Technis’ influence over him.

Eventually, the Teen Titans were able to unlock his mind and download it onto a new body. This body was known as the Omegadrome, an old warsuit used by the ex-Titan Minion. Finally, Victor was able to morph with a human clone of his former self-made by Nightwing. The combination between the Omegadrome and his clone helped shape Cyborg into the half-man half-machine he once was. Basically, no matter what the problem, Cyborg’s body and mind can be restored and transferred.

6 He can be a team player and A Leading Man

Known for being a team player, whether on the Justice League or the Teen Titans, Cyborg has also been a leader many times. Not only does being a founding members of the Justice League in the New 52 establish him as a leader, but his role in later incarnations of the Teen Titans help do the same. Being an original member of the Teen Titans, Cyborg is well-respected and liked by both the original Titans as well as the newer members. He not only leads this new team of Titans, but grows in strength and skill as well, cementing his place at the head of the team.

Not only does he take the leadership roles in the Titans and Justice League, but Cyborg never shies away from the challenge of leading and coordinating other heroes. Thanks in part to his increased intelligence, but also to his time as a star football player, Victor is well-suited to lead those around him.

5 there are different versions of cyborg

Many people remember Cyborg from the acclaimed Teen Titans show, but there are even more versions of the character. One of the most different versions of the character was seen during the Flashpoint storyline. Taking place in a universe created by the Flash after he goes back in time to save his mother, Cyborg was seen as America’s most iconic hero. He not only worked closely with the government, but also kept tabs on other metahumans within the universe.

While seen as a great hero by the public, Cyborg had a lot of trouble earning the respect of other heroes. Not only is his role as a hero different in this universe, but he is shown to have no ability to lead, as no other heroes listen to him. While this Cyborg has just as many powers and abilities as the other versions of the character, he is distinctly different for that reason alone.

4 The DCEU Cyborg

With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we are going to get our first look at the DC Extended Universe version of Cyborg. Played by Ray Fisher, a broadway actor, Cyborg will be a founding member of the cinematic Justice League and a force to be reckoned with. During the CW special that featured looks at most members of the Justice League as well as other exclusive sneak peeks into the future DC Extended Universe, we saw a quick interview with the actor.

Here, Fisher explains that Cyborg will indeed have some of his signature powers like technopathy. Not only this, but this version of Cyborg doesn’t even sleep. He simply acquires data while at rest. This version is also online 24/7, another key feature of his comic book counterpart. It looks likely that the movies will give us a faithful and interesting version of Cyborg.

3 he is a role model

As I touched on previously, Cyborg is a character engulfed in insecurity about his appearance. A commentary on self-reflection and self-acceptance, Cyborg has stood as a symbol for these causes for decades. In a Teen Titans storyline, Cyborg is trying to come to terms with his appearance when he runs into a group of children. The children all look and marvel over his amazing prosthetics. The reason they are mesmerized by his futuristic look is because they, too, are missing limbs and wearing prosthetics.

They see Cyborg as role model and a hero because he has the same type of handicaps as they do, but is overcoming those handicaps. The acceptance from these children gives Cyborg the inspiration he desired for so long. In one simple moment, Cyborg showed us that no matter what your situation is, you can overcome it and do amazing things.

2 he's a Single Cyborg

Most comic book heroes have some kind of love interest. There are a few, however, that don’t have any. Cyborg is one of these characters. With all the layers of self-reflection and the love of his make-shift family, the Teen Titans, it just never seemed like he needed one to become a more complex character.

Though Cyborg has no Lois Lane or Steve Trevor, the one woman many thought was Cyborg’s love interest was Sarah Simms. She was introduced in the story where Cyborg meets the children with prosthetics. The two develop a friendship, but they never end up together. In fact, Cyborg creator Marv Wolfman has even come out and publicly said that Cyborg and Sarah are just friends. Perhaps one day we will see a definitive love interest introduced for Cyborg, but he has done just fine without one for the past 40 years.

1 Conclusion

Hopefully you now know a bit more about DC’s cybernetic man. With his first onscreen debut almost here, you’ll be going into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with some more background info on Cyborg. Be sure to let us know what your favorite fact was and if there’s anything else you feel should have been on here!

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