15"Porno Gil" (Season 1 Episode 3)

Quote: "My wife jokingly refers to this as 'The House that Cum Built'"

It’s interesting to compare season one with the rest of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s obvious that they were trying to find their groove in the show because of how different the

structure was. Instead of having multiple subplots crammed in one episode, they felt  like a mockumentary in some ways. The scenarios were more realistic than others and even came off as mundane at times. “Porno Gil” is one of those episodes where the audience catches themselves thinking that this is probably the reason why Hollywood is nicknamed “Hollyweird.”

After accidentally dialing his number, Larry is invited to one of his golf acquaintance's dinner parties. His friend, Gil, is an ex-porn star and proudly refers to his home as “the house that cum built.” After being lost for over an hour (and having his directions ripped up by an old woman), Larry and Cheryl are caught in the middle of awkward porn stories involving fingers and Tabasco. Bob Odenkirk did a great job as a realistically pretentious ex-actor whose life is now reduced to stories and a suburban home life.

Larry David
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