The 10 Best Crossplay Games you Can Play Right Now

While most online games only let you play with friends who play on the same system, there are several games that don't adhere to those restrictions. Some developers have taken their online games and opened up their servers so that people who play the game on different systems can party up and play together (others remain more difficult).

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Getting a party together with your friends is a breeze with these games, and it only makes them more tempting to play. If you have friends that play their games on different systems, you may want to look into the 10 best crossplay games you can play right now.


This is the big one. Fortnite is currently one of the biggest games ever made. Part of that reason is due to how easy it is to get on and play with your friends. The game is on just about every platform, including mobile. What's more impressive is that anyone can easily lobby with their friends and play together, no matter what system they're on.

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This means that all you need to do is download the game for free and get started. Furthermore, Fortnite doesn't require a subscription to console-specific online services. You just get the game, and you can play online with no issues.


One of the most popular games on Steam is available on all platforms. Now, it's easier than ever to simply link up with your friends and get some fun matches going. Rocket League is a simple yet fun kind of game where you just drive a toy car as you try to hit a soccer ball into the opposing team's goal.

It's easy, fun, and difficult to master. Players on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC can all matchmake with each other and team up with their friends. Keep in mind that the exclusive cars in the Switch version don't appear for the people on other platforms.


Hi-Rez's biggest game and one of the industry's most popular MOBAs, SMITE, has finally made its way into crossplay and cross-progression territory. Anyone playing the game can matchmake with any other platform (minus PS4). Still, that means Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC players can lobby up and dominate lanes together.

Hi-Rez also introduced cross-progression. This means that your progress on one console can be transferred to a different console if you link your Steam account. Everything just transfers over, meaning you never have to buy your skins all over again. You can keep your progress and play with your friends.


Minecraft has quickly become one of the biggest games ever made, and Microsoft has only tried to increase the number of people interested in playing this hit release. By partnering with Nintendo, not only was the game brought to the Switch system, but it was also given crossplay support.

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Players on the Switch version can easily hop over to those playing on the Xbox One or PC. The mechanics involving Xbox Live can be a bit finicky for those that aren't aware of how that works, but it's still plenty of fun to link together with people playing on different systems.


Ultimate Chicken Horse is a fun game that combines building aspects with intense platforming. Players have to reach a goal by building a path to it. However, any player can make just about any alteration, meaning that it can be harder or easier. There's a simple level of fun to Ultimate Chicken Horse, and the developers have made it easier than ever to just enjoy the ride.

Now ported to the Nintendo Switch version, those playing on the handheld can easily join up online with those who already have the PC version. Who will become the ultimate animal at the end of the day?


If you're not into the major attention of a game like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, or you just don't have a Nintendo Switch yet, you might be able to whet your appetite for brawlers with Brawlhalla. This 2D action fighter brings together a host of original characters on top of a few familiar faces, such as Ubisoft's Rayman.

The game is free-to-play, but unlocking all the characters will require a decent purchase. Still, it's easy to jump into the game. Now, the game supports crossplay with particular platforms, thus widening the pool of opponents you can face at any given time.


If you like MMOs and are a big superhero fan, then DC Universe Online might be just what you need. What makes the game attractive is that certain consoles aren't sectioned off to specific servers. Instead, PS4 and PC players can mingle and play together, making teaming up with friends easier and much more enticing for potential buyers.

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DC Universe Online is one of the most popular MMO games on the market. It's a formula that you either love or hate at this point, so if it sounds like something you'd enjoy, you should probably give it a download and have a good time.


Hi-Rez strikes again with crossplay functionality. Their first game to get this treatment was Paladins, their class-based shooter that rivals Overwatch. Unlike Blizzard's popular shooter, Paladins is a free-to-play game, making it easier than ever to jump in and start taking names. Paladins also is a bit easier than Overwatch, which turns it into a great option for those trying to find their footing in the genre.

With a recent update, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players were all thrown into the same matchmaking pool. Players can work together and capture objectives from different consoles now. It's a shame about those PS4 players, though.


ARK: Survival Evolved can be frustrating, glitchy, and rage-inducing. However, it's also intense, unique, and tons of fun with the right people. Now with an update from developer Studio Wildcard, those who play on Xbox One and PC can now play together, giving the game a slew of new players and a whole lot of new and interesting scenarios.

If you like dinosaurs and cutthroat action, then ARK: Survival Evolved might be just the game you're looking for. Just be careful, because the game can be brutal and unforgiving, forcing you to start again with the bare minimum of resources.


Trailblazers is a unique racing game. It's fast-paced, but it also involves leaving down a trail of paint on the track. Those on your team can then drive on that color to get a speed boost. Races are a bit more about strategy, whether it be trying to leave trails in scattered areas to cover more territory or just painting over opponent lines to get ahead.

With this team-focused play style, it's nice that the game supports crossplay. That said, there is a bit of a caveat. You can crossplay from PC to PS4 or from PC to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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