Our 16 Favorite Cosplay Costumes of Comic-Con 2013

Favorite Comic Con Cosplay 2013 - Steampunk Quartet

Dressing up as fictional characters, or cosplay as it's commonly called, has been around for years - and the level of detail some people are able to achieve is truly staggering. From lifelike versions of Bumblebee to incredible zombie makeup effects, each year cosplayers bring their incredible imaginations to life at San Diego Comic-Con.

In 2013, a mind boggling 120,000 plus people attended Comic-Con over four days, making the possibility of seeing every cosplay outfit there impossible. We took dozens of photos (see them HERE) but right here we've decided to list what we consider the best of the best of this year's batch. We've left off store bought costumes like Mario or Pikachu and professionally built costumes like the awesome Robot Suit built by the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects and limited our picks to costumes that were either unique, funny, interesting or very well done.

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