Whats the number one sin most companies commit when making a comic book movie? Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that it’s “not sticking to the source material.” No matter how many times fans try and express their feelings on the matter, studios don’t seem to listen. To this day, we still haven’t had a 100% accurate comic book adaptation (although some have come pretty close!).

This has led to some disastrous superhero movies being made, like Steel with Shaq or Catwoman with Halle Berry. Even movies that are considered “good” like Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The First Avenger are seemingly dinged for the changes they made to beloved comic book characters. Let’s be real, here: The comic book industry has been around for almost eighty years now. Chances are, each character has gone through multiple origin stories, costumes, jobs, and love interests over the years. This begs the question- What is “comic book accurate?”

Yes, there have been some horrible interpretations of these characters on the big screen and yes, for the most part sticking close to the established status quo has been a successful formula for these movies. But, sometimes a director or writer will come along and implement changes into a character or story that makes them even better than their comic book counterparts. Here are 15 Comic To Movie Changes That Actually Worked.

15. Ra’s Al Ghul is Bruce’s Mentor

liam neeson ras al ghul batman begins 15 Comic To Movie Changes That Actually Worked

In recent years, Ra’s al Ghul has skyrocketed in popularity. Nowadays the character is everywhere; he was a central figure in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and has been featured as a prominent recurring villain in the Arrowverse as well as Gotham and the Arkham video games. With a name that literally translates to “The Ghoul’s Head,” Ra’s is the mastermind behind the League of Assassins.

The character has Nolan to thank for his recent prevalence. In the comics Ra’s was just a random villain who Batman encountered. In Batman Begins, Henri Ducard acts as Bruce Wayne’s mentor while training to become the Caped Crusader. The two develop a connection, and Ducard is the only one he goes out of his way to save after he burns down the League’s headquarters. Of course, it’s later revealed that Henri and Ra’s are one in the same.

This version of the character was also much more sympathetic than his comic counterpart. Rather than wanting world domination or money, Ra’s wants to rid the world of crime in a more extreme way than Batman.

14. Wonder Woman takes place in World War I

Wonder Woman 2 Story Chris Pine 15 Comic To Movie Changes That Actually Worked

Not only is Wonder Woman the highest-grossing movie of summer 2017, but it is now considered the best movie in the entire DCEU by a long shot!

When it was first announced that the movie would take place during the First World War rather than World War II, some feared that Warner Bros. was just trying to avoid looking like they were ripping off The First Avenger. Thankfully the time period of the early 1900s fit in perfectly with the classic themes of the hero; much like Diana, it was a time of unprecedented interactions between vastly different cultures.

Thanks the the invention of chemical weapons and modern technology it was the most violent war the world had ever seen, causing faith in humanity to dwindle. These factors actually helped hammer home the core message of the film in a way the WWII setting never could.