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2001 A Space Odyssey - Comics Based on Movies

Possibly the least likely title to be a comic on this list, the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey was first given an comic book adaptation in an oversized one-shot, then followed by a 10-issue miniseries, both written and drawn by comics legend Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics. The initial adaptation followed

the story of the movie very closely, only deviating to add some content from Arthur C. Clarke's book and some captions to help the story fit the comic medium a bit better.

It's in the monthly miniseries where Kirby really shined, playing with the concept of the original story to start with, depicting various creatures and humans at various points in time encountering monoliths before they or their descendants are turned into New Seeds. Towards the end of the series, Kirby even introduces Mister Machine, later named Machine Man, who is a sentient robot who tries to assimilate into human society. After the 2001 series ended, Machine Man would even go on to be incorporated into the larger Marvel Universe.

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