10 Best Cloak And Dagger Storylines We’d Like To See Adapted For Season 3

The Cloak And Dagger season finale saw Tyrone and Tandy “level up” with their abilities. They also decided to leave home behind and try to help others who might be in trouble. With their world expanding beyond Louisiana, there are tons of potential stories out there waiting for them.

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To be fair, most of Cloak And Dagger’s stories exist in New York in the comics. With the location change to New Orleans, some of their stories were already adapted and slightly modified to fit their new home in the first two seasons of the show. Season three is on the horizon though, and there are plenty more stories to choose for inspiration.

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10 Runaways Crossover With Cloak And Dagger

Cloak and Dagger weren’t always on their own in the comics. In fact, one storyline saw them team up with the Runaways, though it didn’t happen without a little misunderstanding. The Pride actually asked the duo to track down their missing kids. Thinking they were doing a good thing, Cloak and Dagger did it. It wasn’t until meeting the group of teens that they realized the truth and helped the kids instead.

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This particular story might be difficult since Runaways is a Hulu series while Cloak And Dagger airs on Freeform, but Marvel could find a way. Some fans hope the season two finale hinted at a team up with Tandy discussing girls washing up on beaches, something Runaways had happen in its first season.

9 Tandy As A New Warrior

One team up that might be more likely is with the New Warriors. Freeform passed on a New Warriors sitcom, but the casting for the characters is already in place.

We know Tandy and Tyrone work best together, but sometimes, they gain other allies. On one such occasion, Tandy and Tyrone actually saved the New Warriors team from another villain. The group offered them membership. Though Cloak declined, Dagger became a reserve member, someone they could call if they needed help in a pinch.

8 A Villain Replicating Cloak’s Powers

While come villains outright stole Cloak’s powers from him, others used science to replicate them. Reginald Mantz did just that. Reginald actually used a drug created in Marvel Comics - Mutant Growth Hormone - that hasn’t appeared on screen yet. It allowed regular humans to temporarily have the high of using mutant powers. Reginald used it to recreated Cloak’s powers.

When “Cloak” beat up his partner Dagger, it prompted the Runaways to figure out exactly what was going on. Cloak and Dagger taking on a darker version of Tyrone’s abilities could provide some interesting drama.

7 Tyrone's Manipulation By Nightmare

Several villains in the comics actually attempted to get inside Tyrone’s head and manipulate him to use his powers for their gains. One of those was Nightmare. Nightmare was able to convince Cloak that he should use his ability to consume anyone he thought broke the law. Dagger had to get outside help in order to deactivate Cloak’s power. She went to Doctor Strange, which seems like an unlikely step for the show, but we can still hope.

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Of course, the series could always employ the villain Mister Jip as well. A recurring antagonist, he frequently tried to corrupt either Cloak or Dagger. He could certainly be used in place of Nightmare so that Nightmare is available for a Doctor Strange sequel.

6 Cloak And Dagger Destroying Cartels In Colombia

So far, the series has kept its world small, focusing on a few neighborhoods in New Orleans. The season two finale saw Tyrone and Tandy catch a bus bound for parts unknown to the audience. If the show is expanding its view, one day, it might go global.

In the comics, Tyrone and Tandy took their fight against substance abuse to the source. They actually took on the home bases of cartels in Colombia instead of staying in New York. Tyrone already made it clear for the show that he won’t target dealers selling to customers for personal use, but taking on a larger trafficking ring? That could be in the cards for the duo eventually.

5 Tandy And Tyrone Fighting Mister Negative

Mister Negative is an intriguing villain in the comics. He’s actually able to reverse Tandy and Tyrone’s power sets. They fought him during the events of the comic book event Spider-Island. Seeing the two have to walk a mile in one another’s shoes as they get a better understanding for how their partner’s power works would be a fun time for the show.

Some fans have even theorized that Mister Negative might already have a counterpart on the show. There are those who wonder if Mina’s father, who was on the Roxxon rig during the explosion that gave everyone their powers, might have as yet unrevealed powers of his own.

4 Cloak Allying With Dazzler

Dazzler tends to be most closely associated with the X-Men (and even cameoed in Dark Phoenix). Now that Fox is under the Disney umbrella, the X-Men characters can be used by Marvel, which means Dazzler is an option.

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Dazzler is a mutant who can convert sound into light - who also happens to be a rock star. Her ability to use light as a weapon is a little similar to Tandy’s. That’s probably why Tyrone teamed up with her while Tandy was working with someone use. Ultimately, Cloak and Dazzler didn’t see eye to eye and went their separate ways, but she could be a fun temporary addition to the show.

3 Cloak And Dagger Dealing With The Predator

One story point the television series has yet to address is that of Cloak’s relationship to the Predator. That isn’t the alien creature from the movies of the same name.

In the comics, Cloak’s “darkness” and his connection to the Darkforce dimension for teleporting causes him to need a lot of energy. That hunger for energy is actually from the Predator inside the other dimension. It feeds on Tandy’s Lightforce. Seeing the series explore that dynamic as their powers evolve would be very interesting.

2 Dagger Confronting The Lord Of Light

While traveling, Cloak and Dagger ran into the followers of the Lord Of Light. As it turned out, the Lord of Light led something of a cult.

Much to Tandy’s surprise, the Lord of Light was a familiar face. He was her father. In the comics, he simply left her family, which is different than the car accident in the television series. To see him return, and not just as a memory, for Tandy and her mother to confront him could provide closure for them.

1 Cloak And Dagger Meeting Spider-Man

This particular storyline is the longest of long shots, but it’s certainly a fan favorite. Cloak and Dagger made their comic book debut when they met Spider-Man in his series. Seeing them get to meet a fellow teenager trying to make a difference would be great - if Marvel let Peter Parker appear on the small screen.

When the duo met Spidey, they were vigilantes targeting the man responsible for them ending up with powers they didn’t want. They were ruthless, and Spider-Man disagreed with them on how they handled their villains. Eventually, the three became friends, but Tyrone and Tandy were always a bit harder on criminals than Peter.

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