Ryan Reynolds in Buried

So it’s fair to say that Ryan Reynolds earned every cent of however much he was paid for playing Paul Conroy in this incredibly nerve-shredding thriller inspired by the Hitchcock classic, Rope. The star was forced to endure 16 days crouched in a wooden box in a Barcelona studio while

starring as an Iraq-based American civilian truck driver buried alive in a coffin with only a lighter and a Blackberry for company.

But there’s more to Buried than just its arduous shooting conditions. Giving his usual wisecracking persona a rest, Reynolds is a revelation as a man who must confront his own mortality in the most horrific of circumstances. Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés’ inspired camera angles, lighting and sound recordings ensures that the sight of essentially watching a man in a box for 95 minutes is never boring, and by the time the screen goes black, you will feel as though you'll need to come up for air too.

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