As one of the longest-running genre TV series, Supernatural continues to follow two brothers and their goofy angelic best friend as they investigate paranormal cases all over the United States while staying faithful to their family mantra of “saving people, hunting things, the family business.” The popularity of the show is partially due to the unique stories and plotlines, as well as the introduction of beautifully written and well-portrayed characters that have highlighted the best and worst in humanity, Heaven, and Hell alike.

Dean, Cas, and Sam all have qualities and abilities that resonate with fans as they address very human issues against a supernatural backdrop. Supernatural’s ability to include overarching themes of family, belonging, friends, love, and tragedy continue to draw audiences of all ages. Through the years, characters, both villainous and good, have graced our screens and our hearts, so it’s only natural that we’ve collected the 15 best characters through the last twelve seasons of Supernatural!

15. Death

Death 15 Best Supernatural Characters Ever

Introduced as one of the Horsemen of the Apoclypse, Death first makes his appearance after Lucifer has come back to Earth. He was the conscious embodiment of death itself and states that he has been around longer than God. Death speculates that one day he would reap God, as that was the nature of things– meaning he could easily kill angels if he desired.

Though Death does not feel as if he needs to intervene directly in the affairs of men, he does have respect for the natural order of things– and for the Winchesters. Often dressed as a slender man in a business suit, Death does not tolerate any disrespect, and if anyone does disrespect him, that person usually dies.

Not only can Death teleport anywhere in the universe and not be physically damaged, but he is also capable of nearly anything, including placing mental walls in Sam’s mind to preserve sanity. Death is also not entirely unreasonable, as he has aided the Winchesters several times in their attempts to stop the apocalypse. Death continues to provide his help with small things, such as helping Sam after his soul is returned. It is later revealed that Dean and Sam were allowed to die and be resurrected because Death respected and found the two amusing. Really, it’s always a good thing to have Death in your corner during anything supernatural.

14. Rowena

supernatural 151021 rowena 15 Best Supernatural Characters Ever

A powerful witch and the mother of the King of Hell, Rowena is an intelligent, sly, prideful person who survives on manipulation and deceit. She has no qualms about sacrificing others to attain power and status, which was shown as Crowley mentions that she abandoned him for her quest for power.

Rowena, though not trusted by the Winchesters, also has helped them out on numerous occasions, even though she double-crossed them multiple times. Rowena’s cunning also knows no bounds, as she even cheated death after Lucifer killed her, proving herself to be resourceful and self-serving. Though conniving and narcissistic, Rowena, like her son, continues to help the Winchesters when the needs suit her.

In more recent episodes, Rowena has also been shown to have some vulnerability as she continually seeks acceptance from her witch peers and is rejected by them. She even acknowledges that she is not a good person and she would not be forgiven for her actions. Rowena’s insults and witty interactions with Crowley and the Winchesters provide endless amusement, producing wariness in the people around her as they attempt to figure out what her secondary gain is.

Rowena is one of the newer additions to the show, but she is also one of the best characters that they have added, as she is demanding in order to get what she wants.