10 Best Characters On Prison Break, Ranked

Prison Break was great during its heyday as it featured some of the most interesting characters. And now, we've ranked the 10 best of the gang.

While it may never have been universally considered to be the best show on television, there was certainly a time when Prison Break was the hottest thing going. The first season, in particular, was great, the second season was pretty good, we won't talk about the third. The fourth was wacky enough to be fun, all things considered. And wait, what fifth season? We have no idea what you're talking about.

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Today we're going to run through the most iconic characters from the history of the show's entire run - and it's safe to assume that some of these are going to surprise you. So, here are the ten best Prison Break characters, ranked.

10 David Apolskis

David Apolskis, also known as Tweener, was a misunderstood kid who got thrown in jail for stealing a baseball card. Sure, the card was worth a lot of money, but he didn’t exactly know what he was doing out there.

Prison life wasn’t his style and once he broke out, we were so hoping that he was going to get the happy ending he desired. Nobody wanted to see him perish as he did, but unfortunately, Mahone had other plans. It was a great role, and it was played to perfection.

9 Brad Bellick

Brad Bellick Prison Break

In the early days of Prison Break, nobody liked Brad Bellick, mainly because he was the main foil at Fox River. As time went on he eventually turned into a good guy and was able to become a lovable loser of sorts, playing a key role in the events of the fourth season.

Bellick’s death was one of the most heroic acts the entire series had seen, as he sacrificed himself in the name of doing what was right for the team.

He went down in the show's history as a martyr.

8 Paul Kellerman

In another tale of the bad boy gone good, Paul Kellerman went from the evilest character in the show to someone who wound up helping Michael & Linc ride off into the sunset (for a while).

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Kellerman’s maverick nature was so intoxicating to watch from the perspective of a viewer, and it was made all the more interesting by the fact that there were so many layers to his character. His story was deep, and there was an honest to God investment in seeing what happened to him along the way.

7 Jonathan Krantz

The General was the primary villain throughout the entire show, and we didn’t even know it.

From his relationship with Gretchen to the many, many individuals he ordered the killing of, Krantz quite literally left no stone unturned. His demise was about as satisfying as it gets, as he went from the big, bad boss to the terrified, whimpering old man that couldn’t come to terms with the fact his time was finally up.

Nobody deserved to die more in this show, and we’re satisfied with the conclusion to his story.

6 Fernando Sucre

The most loyal wingman in the history of television. While some would argue that he wasn’t always the most complex character, Fernando always had a great heart and never gave up on his belief system no matter what. All he ever wanted or desired was to be happy, and that’s what he deserved.

Sucre did his best or Michael and Linc regardless of the consequences involved, and he always did so with a magnificent attitude. There are friends, and then there’s Sucre.

5 Lincoln Burrows

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However, we never found Burrows to be quite as interesting as some of the other main characters in the show. That isn’t necessarily his fault, but either way, more dynamic people were operating at much higher levels.

4 John Abruzzi

“I kneel only to God – I don’t see him here”.

John Abruzzi was a mob boss, and wasn’t a particularly nice guy. Beyond that, however, the family man always seemed to capture the interest and attention of the masses based on his phenomenal ability to draw you into his stories.

His obsession with Otto Fibonacci eventually led to his death and while that may be somewhat poetic, it was certainly tragic in equal measure. Still, the guy will always be a great character, even though his morals were slightly off base.

3 Alexander Mahone

The story of Oscar Shales set the stage for Alexander Mahone to really shine in the series, becoming one of the best characters in the entire show.

The death of his son, while tragic, was eventually avenged with the torture and murder of Wyatt – further cementing Mahone’s status as one of the most conflicted individuals we’ve ever seen on television.

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He wasn’t everyone’s favorite, and we can completely sympathize with that due to some of the things he did and people that he killed, but he did everything within his power to make up for that.

2 Michael Scofield

Michael Scofield was the central character in Prison Break, and as the mastermind behind the two major breakouts in the show, it isn’t exactly hard to understand why.

Scofield had a brain unlike any other, and that brain led to some of the best scenes and episodes we’ve seen on TV. He was difficult to understand, even to those closest to him, but he always put those that he loved before anyone else. That will be his lasting legacy, which is hardly a bad position to be in.

Oh, and the scene featuring his ‘grave’ gets us every time.

1 Theodore Bagwell

We aren’t at all trying to condone what T-Bag did prior to his incarceration at Fox River, but instead, we want to praise the remarkable character that came out of those actions.

In addition to being much more intelligent than anyone gives him credit for, Bagwell just had this creepy charisma that made him oh so fascinating.

The side story with his son Whip in the latest season was probably the only good thing to come out of Season 5, too.

He’s a despicable human being, but he definitely knew how to grab our attention.

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