The Best Celebrity and Movie-Themed Costumes From Halloween 2017

Outside of comic book and pop culture conventions and expos, Halloween is the one time of the year in which everyone dresses up as their favorite fictional characters and show exactly where their interests are. It's common for the year's biggest movies and TV shows to influence the Halloween season - and Halloween 2017 is no different, with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman leading the list of costume searches. What's more, actors, actresses, and other celebrities like to get in on the fun, too. Below, we've compiled some of the best celebrity costumes from Halloween 2017 so far.

Gwenyth Paltrow (Se7en)


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For actors and actresses, the best Halloween costume ideas would be for them to dress up as a character they've previously played, especially if it's a sci-fi, fantasy, or comic book character - and that's exactly what Gwenyth Paltrow did this year. She dressed up as Tracy Mills, her character from David Fincher's 1995 crime thriller, Se7en. However, she took her costume a step further by wearing an open cardboard box, pretending to be her character's decapitated head, thus depicting the scene that was never shown on-screen.

Will Poulter (Toy Story)


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Will Poulter is frequently compared to the Toy Story character Sid, though not for being evil but for looking almost identical to the animated bully. The actor decided to take the joke to the next level this Halloween season by actually dressing up as the evil next door neighbor - and the results are spot-on. He also took the opportunity to bring attention to October being Bullying Prevention Month (because the character he dressed up as is a bully). What's more, his costume proves that if Disney ever begins mining Pixar's library for live-action movie ideas, they know who to call to portray their live-action Sid.

Jason Derulo (Game of Thrones)

Check out @jasonderulo as Game of Thrones' Night King' as stars are already in the #Halloween spirit

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Of all the celebrities and their costumes from this year's Halloween season, the one that arguably takes the cake is Jason Derulo's get-up as the Night King from HBO and George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones. However, Derulo might have put everyone else at an unfair disadvantage considering he seems to have hired professional make-up artists to transform him into the leader of the Army of the Dead, but that's precisely what makes his costume stand out from the crowd.

Colton Haynes (The Simpsons)

Halloween Kisses with my main Squeeze #SexyMargeSimpson - @coltonlhaynes - We LOVE Halloween in our family !!! ???- Those Lips ?

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Arrow and Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes takes his Halloween costumes quite seriously. In previous years, he has convincingly dressed up as The Little Mermaid's Ursula the Sea Witch and The Muppets' Miss Piggy, and now he's taken things to the next level and even outdone himself by dressing up as The Simpsons' Marge Simpson, with his newly-wed husband, Jeff Leatham, geared up as what appears to be a Top Gun costume, though it's unclear exactly which character he's representing.

Sarah Hyland (Stranger Things)

11 hangin' out with a 10 #strangerthings

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Stranger Things was a big splash during the 2016 Halloween season (thanks to its release that prior summer), and with the series' second season premiering mere days before Halloween 2017, it makes sense that it would be another big hit this time around - and Modern Family's Sarah Hyland was capitalizing on the trend. She dressed up as Gaten Matarazzo's fan-favorite character, Dustin, with Wells Adams dressing up as Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven and their friends as season 1's Demogorgon. Admittedly, the Demogorgon suits outshine and Adams and Hyland's costumes.

Jaime King (Stranger Things)

SPOILER ALERT!!! The upside down leads to @westworld_hbo @strangerthingstv #realclementinepennyfeather @angelasarafyan and I #fakejoyce equals - MINDF$&K ????

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Just like Sarah Hyland, Jaime King also capitalized on the Stranger Things hype this Halloween season - but she took things even further by dressing up as multiple characters from Netflix's hit TV series. She first wore Eleven's (really Nancy Wheeler's) pink dress from season 1 and then wore Joyce Byer's (Winona Ryder) Melvalds General Store uniform with brunette hair and Christmas lights to boot. What's more, her and her family also dressed up as the Power Rangers earlier this month.

Stephanie Beatriz (America Chavez)


— Stephanie Beatriz (@iamstephbeatz) October 29, 2017

Nowadays, everyone wants in on the comic book movie trend, especially when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz is one of those people. Considering that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of major superhero characters that can be adapted to the big screen, Marvel Studios has plenty to choose from, and Beatriz is making her intentions known once again having dressed up as America Chavez, aka Miss America, for Halloween this year. What's more, Marvel Entertainment seems to have been impressed with her costume, saying on Twitter: "She's beauty, she's grace... #nailedit."

Tom Sandoval (Gambit)

Tom Sandoval as Gambit is everything I never knew I needed

— Nikki (@metallica7xbfmv) October 28, 2017

Vanderpump Rules actor Tom Sandoval showed off his comic book chops at Maxim's Halloween 2017 party this weekend by showing up as Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit, from Marvel Comics. His costume is surprisingly accurate to the source material, from the brown leather jacket to the playing cards (one of Gambit's favorite weapons, which he throws using kinetic energy). All Sandoval is missing is the character's telescoping bo-staff, but everything else is spot-on, so he shouldn't be faulted for that.

Jim Gaffigan (Austin Powers)

Yeah Baby! #happyhalloween #austinpowers #drevil #scottevil #cleopatrajones #Number2 #minime

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It's not always easy for entire families to coordinate for Halloween, especially since there aren't copious amounts of material out there to source from - but Jim and Jeanie Gaffigan and their family found a way around that predicament. The comedy duo dressed up their family as characters from Mike Myers' Austin Powers series, with Jim Gaffigan as Dr. Evil and one of his sons as Mini-Me. It's an impressive choice considering that they managed to get all the main characters in there, even one of Austin Powers' spy uniforms.

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