10 Best Carnival Row Characters

Carnival Row stars Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, and many vibrant characters. We take a look at the ten best characters on the show so far

One of the best new shows right now is Carnival Row. If you got hooked on the first season, which released over Labor Day weekend, then it may just be your latest genre obsession to fill the void left behind by Game of Thrones. The dark fantasy series follows the conflicts between Humanity and the Fae.

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Its issues of immigration and politics are very topical to the current landscape. The series is led by Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne but full of vibrant side characters too. Amazon has already renewed it for a second season. We're taking a look at the ten best characters on the show so far.

10 Darius

Darius is one of Philo's only real friends outside of the relationships he's made with Vignette and Tourmaline. They fought together in the war and Philo remained by Darisus's side even after he had been bitten and changed into a werewolf. In return, Darius kept Philo's secret about him being half-fae. He could smell it on him ever since the change.

At present, we know Darius is being held in a cell but now that Philo's true nature has been revealed, it's not clear what will happen to Darius moving forward. Considering what a great character he is and how much story they can still tell with him, hopefully, he sticks around.

9 Constable Berwick

Constable Berwick is Philo's faithful partner while he works as Inspector. He doesn't get much development or even many lines yet he's always present and does his diligence to aide Philo in any way he can. When Philo gets thrown in a jail cell, Berwick is the only one to believe Philo is innocent.

He comes to warn Philo about the plans Dombey has for him to ensure he doesn't wind up dead. It would be fun to see Berwick become more of an ally moving forward, especially if he became something of a mole inside the police force in season two.

8 Sophie Longerbane

Sophie Longerbane is the daughter of the Chancellor's opposition, Ritter Longerbane. She is played with graceful finesse and cunning by actress Caroline Ford. It is Sophie who technically kickstarts the events of the series by writing a blackmail letter supposedly from Aisling and sending it to the Chancellor.

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Piety discovers it and begins her murderous rampage. Sophie's goal is to create chaos because chaos breeds opportunity. She's sort of like the Cersei Lannister of Carnival Row, incest included, since she willingly starts an intimate relationship with her half-brother and by season's end may even be marrying him.

7 Piety Breakspear

Piety is the main antagonist of season one. She creates a Darkasher after discovering that her husband has a secret illicit half-fae son that could threaten the very prophecy she has bid her entire future on. Piety fiercely believes that her son, Jonah, is destined for greatness as foretold by a faun witch.

Philo's very existence threatens Jonah's future and his potential ascension to power. We find out she is the one responsible for all the murders on the Row. Luckily, Vignette and Philo are able to stop her and her Darkasher before she succeeds in finishing her evil plot. Indira Varma plays Piety and she is phenomenal in the role. Piety makes for a wicked and entertaining antagonist.

6 Absalom Breakspear

Played by professional and respected actor Jared Harris, it's impossible to imagine a world where Absalom doesn't wind up on this list. His character development doesn't begin or make sense until towards the end of the season, but he's a genuinely good man who doesn't hate fae like most other humans.

He is revealed to be Philo's birth father and is deeply saddened by his mother's death and the fact he never got to know his son. Absalom even does his best to get Vignette freed and pardoned so that she and his son can leave the Burgue forever and be happy together. It's a shame he died so soon.

5 Imogen Spurnrose

Imogen is not a likable character at first. Her cruelty and distaste towards fae and particularly Mr. Agreus doesn't endear anyone. But over time, she and Agreus fall for one another and embark on an unconventional romance.

Played by accomplished actress Tamzin Merchant, Imogen quickly becomes one of the characters on the show that is the most fun to watch. By season's end, she and Mr. Agreus escape on a ship. In season two, we should see how their journey truly begins as they attempt to escape the wrath of Imogen's vengeful brother Ezra.

4 Agreus Astrayon

Mr. Agreus is a wealthy faun that moves into the house across the street from the Spurnrose residence. Initially, Imogen Spurnrose detests the fact a faun is living in high society. She ignores him, treats him with disdain, and hopes he'll leave. But then when she and her brother need money, they come to a deal for Mr. Agreus to invest in their business while Imogen helps him find a place with her inner circle.

Agreus is a strong willed man. Despite being a faun and aware of discrimination, he doesn't let people talk down to him. He's cheeky and has a dry wit that attracts Imogen after a while.

3 Rycroft Philostrate

Orlando Bloom plays the leading character in the series, Inspector Rycroft Philostrate. Philo's story is the one we are asked to get most invested in as we slowly begin to learn the truth about the murders being perpetrated by the mysterious and foreboding Darkasher. It turns out the link all the dead share is none other than their involvement in Philo's life.

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Along with the core series mystery, the first season also follows Philo's journey to understanding who he is, coming to terms with his long-held secret, and the deep love he holds for Vignette after everything they've been through.

2 Vignette Stonemoss

Cara Delevingne delivers a surprisingly subdued and heartfelt performance as the brave and fierce Vignette Stonemoss: a fairy who fled from Tirnanoc after the Pact took over. From the very beginning, Vignette is hard to ignore, given her willingness to help her own kind and try to save them from becoming victims to the Pact's cruelty.

She is the main female lead of the show although surprisingly, her storyline doesn't wind up being as central as Philo's is. Come season two, Vignette should get more of a focus seeing as she and all the other fae are now trapped on the Row.

1 Tourmaline Larou

Tourmaline may not be one of the leading characters, but she is still a significant part of the series. As Vignette's best friend and former lover, the blue-haired pixie is incredibly bubbly and hilarious. It's impossible not to be charmed by her, and she stole everyone's heart by the end of the first episode.

She still holds a torch for Vignette, and they even share a steamy kiss at one point in the season. For now, it looks like Vignette and Philo are getting back together but is it possible that Tourmaline could still be a viable romantic rival come season two? If not, hopefully, she gets a fantastic new love interest of her own.

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