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Peep Show (David Mitchell and Robert Webb)

Two of Britain’s leading funny men who have yet to make it big across the pond are Robert Webb and David Mitchell, who co-star in the hit comedy series Peep Show. The series follows two desperate thirty-something men who are somewhat hopeless with women. One is a bit of a

hippy and a slacker, while the other is a fastidious hard worker. Whether their polar opposites bring out the worst or best in each other is arguable, but they definitely make quite a pair, and that pair definitely makes quite a television series, as Peep Show is unlike anything else on this list.

The show's unique selling point is its use of point-of-view camera shots and the narration of the lead character's thoughts, allowing audiences a greater-- and funnier-- insight into the two main characters known as Jez (played by Webb) and Mark (played by Mitchell). It is an interesting concept and a unique spin on an ordinary premise, and the series manages to pull off the gimmick perfectly. Hitting all the right laughs in all the right places, Peep Show manages to provide a funny peep into the minds of Jez and Mark, and it’s a peep that you should be interested in watching immediately.

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