The 10 Best Board Games That Came From Kickstarter, Ranked

Some of the most creative board games are sitting dormant in the minds of people like us, waiting to get the right funding to mass produce them. With Kickstarter, those dreams have now become a reality, with people using all their creative ideas to make some of the most interesting board games on the market.

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If you're looking for something a bit different from standard Monopoly or Sorry!, then you might want to check out the 10 best board games that were from Kickstarter. The sky is the limit and anything goes with many of these games. They're still tons of fun, though.

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If you like kittens and explosions (and sometimes goats), then Exploding Kittens is the game for you. The game is essentially a card version of Russian Roulette. Players take turns drawing a card and playing cards to sabotage their opponents. However, the moment anyone draws an exploding kitten card, they're out unless they have a defuse card.

The game is easy to understand, fun to play, and quick to get through, making it great in group settings. The best part is that the game isn't very expensive and there are expansions to make the game more explosive and more fun.


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Bears Vs Babies is exactly the kind of absurd yet mechanically sound board game you'd find on Kickstarter. Made by the same people responsible for Exploding Kittens, Bears Vs Babies is weird yet fun with the right kind of people.

Each player is tasked with building a ridiculous monster that could be a shark that has a body of sushi or a bear with a saucy sombrero and use them to consume. Whoever consumes the most babies is the winner. It's weird, off-the-wall, yet just crazy enough to try. It also comes in a neat case meant to simulate bear fur.


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Deadwood 1876 is all about the Gold Rush. Set in the wild west, players are trying to accumulate more gold than anyone else. The one with the most gold at the end is the winner. Players can accomplish this by working together, placing cards to advance their entire group.

However, the game ends in a climactic showdown, meaning that only one can emerge victorious. The game oozes great presentation. The entire set is in a box designed to look like a notebook from the 1800s. Wooden dice and pieces accent the game as well, making for a beautifully historic card game.


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Odds are you've probably heard of the video game series known as Dark Souls. Notorious for being difficult and dripping with deep lore, these games have found their audience and practically put Fromsoftware on the map. Now being adapted into a board game, the Dark Souls formula has made its way to tabletop play.

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Players must work together to take on monsters by learning their attack patterns. If one person dies, the entire party must return to a bonfire, resetting all monsters in the area. It's a brilliant translation of the games that comes with impressive 3D figures and a huge board.


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The zombie craze in pop culture has been around for quite some time, but we've never seen a board game inspired by those stories quite like Zombicide. Zombicide is a game where people take the role of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. They have limited resources and ammo, but must hold back the wave of frightening zombies that try to destroy them.

The zombies are all controlled by a deck of cards, meaning that there is no predicting what they could do next. The game comes loaded with 10 different scenarios, meaning that there is plenty of replay value in this big package.


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Conan is an intense board game unlike any other. Based on the settings and scenarios found in "Conan the Barbarian", this game is intense, brutal, and tons of fun. One to four players are working together to take down the villainous Overlord and his powerful minions. Players must then make their way around a massive board to save the world.

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The game features an innovative combat system that replicates the feeling of fatigue and muscle strain in real battle. The game also features plenty of gorgeous models to move around the board, including the player characters and the horrifying monsters they face.


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Secret Hitler is a game set before World War II. Players are divided into liberals and fascists. The liberals are charged with holding the government together and stopping Hitler's rise to power. The fascists want the opposite. With one player selected as Hitler and no one knowing who is who, Secret Hitler is a game about tactics, persuasion, and lying.

With president and chancellor roles constantly moving around the board at all times, there's no telling what could happen. Just one wrong move could mean the rise of Hitler or that his entire reign comes to its quick and utter end.


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Many board games funded on Kickstarter are intense strategy games meant for people who are more into those types of games. With that in mind, there comes another strategy game called Rising Sun. This game is set in a mythical version of Feudal Japan that incorporates the frightening monsters and legends from Japanese lore.

Players must control the country, but there are all sorts of ways they can give themselves the upper hand. Players can communicate with the gods, have treaties with other nations, or march through the streets and destroy everything in their path. The game is visually distinct from many other strategy games as well.


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Many board game enthusiasts complain about the luck factor in many games. That's where Scythe comes in, all but eliminating every possible instance of luck it could have. This is a game about strategy, skill, and planning. It's set in an alternate version of Russia where people run around with pet tigers and mechs are the dominant military force.

Each player takes control of a leader and has to control land, build farms, and talk to new people as they construct their own empire. The game is massive, featuring a huge board with excellent detail and plenty of 3D figures.


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If you've been to any game store, you've probably the massive Gloomhaven box sitting on a shelf. This massive game was funded on Kickstarter and is similar to Dungeons & Dragons in many ways. Each player takes the role of a mercenary and is set on adventures described by the game. Adventures are designed to work in tandem with each other, so it's possible to string multiple ones together or just go on one at a time.

It's a big, more complicated game, but it ticks all the right boxes for people into strategy and role-playing. Just make space on your board game shelf for this big box.

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