The 10 Best Board Games For Kids

Board games are a great way to bring people together and to provide entertainment for all ages. However, many board games are not suitable for young children; they may be too difficult, or they could contain jokes, phrases and themes that are just intended for mature audiences.

That being said, we decided to round up some board games that are made for kids. There are so many from which to choose, but these are 10 of the best. They each bring their own unique forms of fun, and they all make terrific additions to birthday parties, classroom free days and family game nights!

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10 Telestrations

GET IT NOW: $25.00

This award-winning party game is all about doodling and thinking and having a sense of humor. It is like a combination of telephone and of pictionary, as participants must draw what they see then guess what they saw - which, of course, can lead to some hilarious outcomes.

This board game is very engaging and is suitable for many different age groups and many different types of groups and gatherings. It comes with the tools needed to draw, such as eight erasable sketch books, dry erase markers and clean-up cloths, as well as 1700 different words/phrases to draw and guess!

9 My Little Scythe

GET IT NOW: $37.34

In this competitive, family-friendly game, each player controls two animal miniatures, which embark upon an adventure in the Kingdom of Pomme. The goal is to be the first to earn four trophies from eight possible categories, and players take turns choosing to move, seek or make.

These actions allow players to increase their friendship and pies, power up their actions, complete quests, learn magic spells, deliver gems and apples to Castle Everfree and more. Some of the mechanisms are even inspired by the bestselling game, Scythe. This is a unique game that will allow players who are ages 8 and up to discover their destiny!

8 Patchwork

GET IT NOW: $27.99

Patchwork is perfect for artistic types, as participants get to act as designers and create their own textiles. Patches must be chosen carefully, buttons must be stored up and saved, and a quilt needs to be put together - one that is better than any opponent‘s!

The art of patchworking is all about taking different, uneven pieces of fabric in order to create something beautiful. And in this game, aesthetic and a high score need to be taken into account, as buttons serve as currency and a personal 9x9 game board serves as the backdrop for a unique work of art.


GET IT NOW: $21.49

This is another award-winning game, and it is the first flicking board game with pieces that curve and jump. It has a 3D box-in-a-box concept, which makes it a hit for all ages. In it, penguins are running through the school and trying to get some fish, and the hall monitor is trying to catch them all (one player is a catcher, while all the others are runners).

Everyone takes a turn being a catcher, and the round ends when one runner has gotten all of the fish of his/her color or if the catcher tags all the runners.

6 Dragon's Breath

GET IT NOW: $21.99

In this award-winning game, four young dragons and one dragon dad try to get the most gems out of an ice column. In each round, the young dragons pick a gem color that they think will come out of the ice when the dad melts it.

This is an imaginative form of entertainment that allows players to be either Mira, Feo, Luna or Diego (the dragon children), that features a sparkling treasure and that has an objective of “breathing fire” (since that is what these interesting creatures are known for). Dragon’s Breath is another great option for even very young players!

5 My First Carcassonne

GET IT NOW: $34.78

Another game that needs to be mentioned here is My First Carcassonne, which is an updated, made-for-all-ages version of the modern classic, Carcassonne. The streets of Carcassonne are filled with kids who are trying to catch the animals set loose for the festival.

This premise makes this city wild, alive, crazy and active! During each turn, a player will place a tile down in order to build Carcassonne. When a player closes a street with one or more kids, this player gets to put pawns on the board. And the first player to place all of their pawns wins the game!

4 Ticket to Ride: First Journey

GET IT NOW: $33.99

The original version of this game is another one that has won awards, and this version allows adventurers to cross America by train, as they race to the finish and towards the gold!

There is a brand new map (which is full of exciting possibilities), there are simplified rules (which makes this board game a good one for all ages), and all players who are involved must collect train cards, claim routes and try to connect cities coast-to-coast (all in order to claim the golden ticket as their prize). So climb aboard, travelers, as the incredible First Journey is awaiting.

3 Dr. Eureka

GET IT NOW: $16.25

Dr. Eureka is a speed logic game in which participants race to solve the formula by moving molecules from tube to tube without touching them or dropping them. What is unique about this board game is that it is a hand-on, dexterity-based brainteaser that can be played with friends or by one person.

It helps develop skills relating to visual perception, focus, attention, processing speed, motor skills and problem-solving, and it has won a couple of awards, such as the 2016 ASTRA Best Toy for Kids, the 2016 Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year and the 2016 Major Fun Award.

2 Camel Up  

GET IT NOW: $31.38

The next board game to be featured on this list is called Camel Up, and it is another award-winning one. However, this is the only game on this list that is about a camel race, and it may be one of the few games out there at all that is about a camel race...

There are new contestants, there are confused camels that start the race by running in the wrong direction, and there is a significantly enhanced track with new art and components. So get three to eight players (who are ages 8 and up) ready for some crazy fun!

1 Spinderella

GET IT NOW: $34.90

Last but not least, there is Spinderella. In this game, the object is to race to get three ants to the finish line and to avoid the overhead spiders. That is right - spiders wait in the branches above, and one might swoop down, scoop up an ant and return it to the starting line (something players can do to each other, to their own advantage), which adds an extra level of excitement and and extra level of difficulty!

This game won Children's Game of the Year in 2015, and it has a unique action/dexterity mechanic, which makes it fun and educational.

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