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Suicide Squad

Batman appearing the movie makes perfect sense, given most of the villain's come from his line of comic books. But Ben Affleck will actually make history as the first actor to play Batman for two different directors.


The live action Harley Quinn is sporting a new costume. But according to star Margot Robbie, the costume department actually made versions of her famous jester suit, and the skirt and corset made famous in the Batman: Arkham series. They didn't make the cut, but there's always the sequels!


Wonder Woman

Fans got their first look at the Wonder Woman cast thanks to a photo in Batman V Superman - but the connections don't end there. Look closely in Wonder Woman and you'll be able to catch surfeit Zack Snyder playing a soldier


The similarities between DC's Wonder Woman and Marvel's Thor are obvious. But things got weird when actors Liam Hemsworth and Alexander Skarsgard were considered for Steve Trevor - Liam's brother plays Thor, and Skarsgard's father plays his close friend. Weird.

Beauty & The Beast

Never underestimate nostalgia: in its first 24 hours on YouTube, the trailer for this film clocked over 91 millions views, smashing the records set by Captain America: Civil War and even Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


The movie is famous for its unforgettable songs, but when the director went through auditions he surprised each actor by having them sing "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King instead. According to him, it was just to confuse them. Who says directors can't have some fun?


X-Men: Apocalypse

The movie finally sees star James McAvoy shave his head to match Patrick Stewart, but fans might miss another detail: his wheelchair is the exact one used by Stewart in the original X-Men films, bringing the series full circle.


Stan Lee teased that his trademark cameo in Apocalypse would be something special, and it is - he doesn't appear alone, but alongside his wife Joan of fifty years. How's that for romantic?


To get the villain's voice as inhuman as needed, ator Oscar Isaac was brought in to re-record all his dialogue, with a bass mic on one cheek, and a bass drum mic on the other, with all three mixed together in post.


Captain America: Civil War

In the movie, Falcon gets a new gadget in the form of a recon drone called Redwing. It's a more believable version of his pet bird from the comics, which he could use to scan the battlefield telepathically.


The studio made sure to show off star Chris Evans biceps holding back a helicopter in marketing, but the reason audiences had never seen something like it is because of how unnatural a pose it is in practise. So unnatural Evans ended up suffering some injuries to his arms as a result.


The Avengers: Infinity War

The movie will be action packed, but audiences will also get to see it all in IMAX, since it's the first no-documentary to be filmed entirely in the format.


Fans got the first glimpse of the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin's trophy room, but when the one belonging to Thanos was the other hand, they thought the studio had made a mistake. But Marvel Boss Kevin Feige shot it down, confirming there is more than one - hopefully for a good reason.


Fate took over from there: not only was Arrow star Stephen Amell able to find time to play the part, but he literally went from wrapping Arrow season 3 to filming Turtles the next day.


Finding Dory

Although over a decade has passed since Finding Nemo, the sequel is only set six months later. That meant a new voice actor was needed for Nemo, since the original actor is now 22. Feel old yet?


Fantastic Beasts

Rowling has claimed that there's no overlap between Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter, but thanks to one Easter egg in the Prisoner of Azkaban, Newt Scamander did, indeed walks the halls of Hogwarts during Harry's years. Even though he was technically dead. OR WAS HE.


Rogue One

Since the movie is set before the original Star Wars, Rogue One's costume designer has hinted that fans looking closely may spot some of the original costumes made for the 1977 film, back in action.


Fans will finally get to see a younger version of Mon Mothma, the leader of the Rebels played by Genevieve O'Reilly. But the actress played the part already - all her scenes were simply cut out of the prequel trilogy in editing.


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