10 Things You Didn't Know About The Batsuit

When one thinks of Batman, the first image that pops into their head is Bruce Wayne in his Batsuit. The Batsuit is perhaps the most iconic and recognizable costume in comic book history. The Batsuit is a lot more than a collection of hockey pads and a carnival mask. It has many complex and unique pieces that come together to form one of the most unique and practical superhero costumes ever conceived.

Obviously, there have been many different Batsuits over the years, but all of them share at least a few things in common. Almost all of the Batsuits have these listed characteristics, but they may be portrayed in different ways depending on the artist and the medium.

With all of that said, here is our list of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Batsuit.

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11 Bob Kane Had A Very Different Batman In Mind

The original idea for Batman from Bob Kane

Although he was long known as the only credited creator of Batman (co-creator Bill Finger's contributions were later acknowledged by DC), Bob Kane actually had an entirely different get-up in mind for "The Bat-Man." It was actually Finger, however, who gave Batman the iconic dark suit and mask. Although Finger’s final design didn’t have all of the characteristics that would later become known as staples on the suit, he did lay the proper groundwork for the other suits to later be developed.

Bob Kane’s original drawing of Batman was completely different to Bill Finger’s interpretation of Batman. Bob Kane imagined the Batman with a red jumpsuit and a Lone Ranger-esque mask, showing off his bright blonde hair. At least his version of the suit still included Batman's incredibly important utility belt.

10 What A Shocker

Batman's suit protecting him during Batman: Hush

A mechanical marvel like Batmobile, the Batsuit has similar defensive capabilities that protect Bruce Wayne’s identity. In the case that Batman is knocked unconscious, the Batsuit can kick in its defensive system that keeps Bruce’s cowl from being removed by means of an electric shock. With the identity of the Batman being so sacred and pertinent to Bruce’s crusade against crime, the cowl’s defense system ensures that his identity remains a mystery. Requiring no activation, the sophisticated cowl will electrify anyone who comes in contact with it.

Without a security system like this, Batman’s identity would have surely been discovered long before this. For instance, in the famous comic, Batman: Hush, the cowl’s defensive systems are the only thing that keep Batman safe from thugs discovering his identity and killing him.

9 A Cape of Capabilities

Batman v Superman's Batsuit protecting Batman from Firefly's flames

Like many other parts of his suit, Batman’s cape also serves a defensive purpose. The cape has been shown to have several different and unique capabilities, and has aided Batman in hundreds of situations.

For instance, Batman’s cape is usually shown as being fireproof. When battling a villain like Firefly, who uses fire to his advantage, Batman needs a cape that can completely shield him from the flames. His cape is also bulletproof, something that Batman definitely needs, given that he doesn't have any actual superpowers. Even though his cape is usually shown to be made of a thin, flowing material, it has also been shown to stop flurries of bullets, leaving him unscathed.

In addition to it's protective measures, the cape also allows Batman to glide through the sky, which helps him escape sticky situations. Whether it be gliding to safety or gliding to intimidate criminals, the cape allows Bruce Wayne to truly become Batman.

8 Gloves, Gauntlets, and Scallops

Bruce Timm's drawings of Batman's Scallops

Neither Bill Finger nor Bob Kane gave the Dark Knight his signature gauntlets. Bill Finger’s original suit had gloves, which eventually extended up along his forearms, but the gauntlets came even later. In live-action versions of Batman, we see the "scallops," the fins on the gauntlets, being used to counter bladed weapons like swords, or even bullets.

In the comics, the scallops are sometimes used for this same purpose, but seem to be more for aesthetics than functionality, though they've also been shown ejecting off of the gauntlets and being used as projectiles. Some artists have changed the lengths and sharpness of the scallops but they have remained a staple of the suit for decades.

7 Crafty Cowl

Batman cowl

Along with electrocuting its enemies, Batman’s cowl is capable of many other things. For instance, it is often shown to contain an ear transmitter that connects Batman with Oracle and the rest of the Bat-family, as well as with the Justice League in certain iterations. The cowl also contains a "detective mode," seen in both the comics and the Arkham game series, which allows Batman to use forensic and ultraviolet scanners to better examine crime scene evidence. 

The cowl also allows Batman to use night-vision lenses and heat sensors, which give him an edge over his opponents. Most importantly, the cowl has lead-lined armor to keep Bruce’s identity a secret against anyone with x-ray vision.

6 The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

People often say Batman is just a man in a suit, as opposed to other superheroes, who have various supernatural powers. However, Batman’s suit should not be underestimated. Not only does it give Batman incredible speed, power and intelligence, but it's also a sophisticated piece of armor and equipment. The Batsuit has been drawn and interpreted in many different ways, but it is always extremely resilient and protective. Although Batman has been injured plenty of times before, the suit offers immense protection against dozens of different types of harm.

In some iterations, the suit is completely comprised of Kevlar nano-filaments that are both extremely durable and light. Obviously, some suits have had heavier reinforcements that cover his entire body, such as the mech-suit from Arkham Knight, which is completely comprised of metal on top of a Kevlar layer. No matter what, the Batsuit always has some form of protective material that keeps Bruce safe.

5 Where’d You Get Those Shoes?

Batman's boots with propellers

Batman does a lot of running around, so he can’t simply wear some Skechers or Doc Martens. Batman’s boots are another highly important piece of his suit. Without the proper footwear, he would not be nearly as effective in his crusade against crime. Not only do his boots have to provide good arch support, but they also serve several other functions.

For instance, they have been shown to contain weapons, which he can use to escape situations when his belt is not available. They are also steel-toed, to help give his already powerful kick a little extra weight. The boots are also comprised of similar material that the rest of his suit is comprised of, protecting his feet and legs just as much as the rest of his body. In some versions there are even propellers to help him move around in water.

4 The Most Interesting Belt In The World

A breakdown of just one of Batman's many utility belts

Probably the most important item on the Batsuit, Batman’s utility belt has been on the Batsuit since Bill Finger's (and even Bob Kane's) original conception of the character. It has also saved Batman’s life countless times. The utility belt is incredibly useful, though it has to be stocked and prepared each time Batman leaves the cave.

The belt is home to some of Batman's most useful gadgets. For instance, we see that Batman holds a spare Kryptonite ring in case Superman is ever compromised in the field. Bruce also always keeps a rebreather handy in case he ever has to breathe underwater. Of course there are his famous Batarangs, which he uses almost every time he leaves the cave. Bruce also keeps his useful grappling gun on his belt. On top of all of this, the utility belt will, like Batman's cowl, electrically shock anyone who tries to remove it.

3 We Don’t Talk About These Ones

Just one of Batman's many ridiculous suits

Unfortunately, not all of Batman’s suits have been that great. Over 75 years of publication, there have been dozens of suits that have missed the mark for fans of Batman. There have been odd reasons why Batman needed these outlandish suits, but it is usually to defeat an equally outlandish villain.

We’re talking about Joel Schumacher’s abominable "Batnipples" in Batman & Robin and the infamous zebra suit here. Many of these suits still had the same signature gadgets and applications that all Batsuits have, like a utility belt and cowl, but they were so ridiculous that they didn't really fit with the darkness of the character. It’s unfortunate, but no record can go unscathed.

2 Mechanized and Specialized

Batman has also worn a few mechanized suits that have helped boost the reputation of this already world-famous superhero. Perhaps the most recognizable mech-suit is the Batsuit that Batman uses to fight Superman in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. This suit is fully constructed with metal, but it also has several offensive measures that are missing from the regular suit. For instance, Batman uses an electric shock in order to stun Superman.

An even more powerful mech-suit than the one in TDKR, the Justice Buster is used to neutralize each member of the Justice League with seamless precision. It is perhaps the most durable suit ever created by Bruce, and has some of the most specific gadgets he’s ever created. Another suit is the Hellbat suit, which was created and given to Bruce from the Justice League. This suit gives him increased strength, flight, and a powerful blast that comes from his bat insignia.

1 Conclusion

Jim Lee Batman

The Batsuit really helps put the “super” in superhero for Batman..From the utility belt to the scallops, the Batsuit dozens of features that aid Batman in his crusade against crime and injustice. Hopefully, you learned a bit more about the famous Batsuit. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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