10Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

Kirk Cameron in Saving Christmas

This isn't a film you see tossed around a lot on lists of the Best-Worst Films of All Time, and for good reason. It is fairly new. Almost no one has seen it. It deals with religious subject matters. However, for both the content in the film and surrounding it,

Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas is arguably one of the most ridiculous films ever made.

Kirk Cameron directs and stars in this docu-drama about him convincing a friend of his that Christmas's materialism is actually a good thing, validated by alien logic. The film looks incredibly polished and incredibly cheap -- the bulk of the action takes place inside a car. While trying to follow Kirk Cameron's argument is in and of itself hilarious, what makes it even funnier is how Kirk Cameron tried to fight his film's low Rotten Tomato score...only to convince critics to actually watch the film. This ended well.

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