15 Stunning Arrowverse Cosplays That Look Just Like Their Characters

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It’s hard not to find cosplayers these days. Most conventions hold cosplay contests, and no matter what level of experience you have, you have the same opportunity to win prizes as a novice as you do being a master. Many attendees enjoy dressing as their favorite character for fun, showing off their skills for simple admiration. Other cosplayers take a more professional approach, devoting time, creativity, and money to their costume to win multiple contests on the cosplay contest circuit. Others get their cosplaying gratification online.

The Arrowverse is a shared universe focusing on television DC superhero shows from The CW and its online streaming platform. Shows include Arrow, The Flash, Vixen, Legends of Tomorrow, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, Constantine, and Supergirl. With a vast amount of characters to choose from, cosplayers have shown incredible ability to match their cosplays almost perfectly to their favorite shows' costumes.

Many of the fictional characters from the Arrowverse, like Hawkgirl/man and Arrow, have intricate designs that test a cosplayers' patience and skill. But when you see what they’ve done in the end, you can only be impressed. Those chosen for this list clearly have taken the time to create a costume that pleases not only themselves, but fans of the Arrowverse and cosplay in general.

Enjoy these 15 Stunning Arrowverse Cosplays That Look Just Like Their Characters.

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15 Black Siren

Ask any actor or actress and most will tell you that portraying a villain is a challenge, but fun. Cosplayers probably still feel the same way, as they can bring an attitude and malevolent dynamic to the character they can’t really bring to a superhero. That’s So Laurel brings us her first of two appearances on this list as Black Siren.

Black Siren can emit powerful screams that kill people quickly and destroy structures with little effort. She allied with a number of other bad guys, first making her appearance in The Flash. In later seasons of Arrow, she became a powerful antagonist with her screaming.

That's So Laurel has brought an equal beauty to the Black Siren character, copying the black outfit and blonde hair to near perfection.

14 Killer Frost

With an Instagram name like Jokers Angel, you’d expect this cosplayer to dress only as Harley Quinn. Indeed, her speciality is Harley Quinn as well as other DC characters. She does have many photos of her as Ms. Quinn, from the classic version to the modern one. But another DC character she had done is Killer Frost (real name Caitlin Snow), from The Flash TV show. The character in the show is played by Danielle Panabaker.

Angel’s Killer Frost photo is appropriately shot in snow on the ground. She poses in the darker outfit Killer Frost wears, and has done an astonishing job on the outfit, especially the makeup. The dark lips and “frosty” eyes sure do convey villainy. Jokers Angel also has a second Instagram account where she focus on princess cosplay.

13 Supergirl

Even though Supergirl from the CW show doesn’t have a complicated costume, throwing together a blue shirt, red skirt, and red cape simply won’t cut it. Erin, known as “haus_play” on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, did an amazing job in creativity and poise to recreate Melissa Benoist’s character. Erin’s YouTube channel has various makeup tutorials for certain characters. And scrolling through her Instagram will tell you she clearly knows what she’s doing in that department.

On quick glance, you might think Erin is Supergirl, and the show was taping near you. This cosplayer nailed not only the outfit, but also the far-away look and hair. She has also portrayed Freddy Krueger and Snow White and looks just as good doing horror villains and princesses as she does superheroes.

12 Hawkgirl

Some costumes inherently require deep commitment. Either a cosplayer will dedicate plenty of time, or they will rush to complete a complex outfit simply to finish it. Hawkgirl from the Arrowverse needs more than a few pieces of fabric to look good. Brittany Chaos took on the character and created a costume to rival the original, including the wings. If you wanted a lesson in how to put together a comprehensive costume, Chaos as Hawkgirl is a good instructor.

It’s no surprise she takes painstaking care in creating the costumes: Chaos brings her creations on the road to comic cons and has appeared in cosplay magazines like Cosplay Culture and Cosplayzine. No matter what character she decides to undertake - from Korra to Katniss Everdeen to Rey - her attention to detail is unparalleled.

11 Arrow

Emerald Archer U.K. focuses on one character from the Arrowverse: the Green Arrow. For many of the pictures on his Instagram, it’s difficult to tell him from Stephen Amell, who plays Arrow on the CW show. From poses to the fabric outfits - green or black - Emerald Archer U.K. epitomizes how to emulate a superhero character with props, which is one of his strengths. His bow, arrows, and quiver are just as good as the rest of the outfit.

This cosplayer often goes to comic conventions and poses with other comic book characters from the Arrowverse like Black Canary and Supergirl. He has many fans comment and love his cosplay photos, but one of pictures got the attention of Stepehn Amell! That’s quite an honor and great validation that, as a cosplayer, you’re doing something right.

10 White Canary

Sarah Skittles is a Connecticut-based model and photographer who’s been listed in Maxim for an article about the New York Comic Con. She’s done a number of cosplays and boudoir type shoots, but Sarah’s White Canary during the Heroes and Villains convention in 2017 was magnificent-looking.

The suit Skittles goes with is the one before it was upgraded the second time in Legends of Tomorrow. The details in the seams and button placement are spot on. Skittles matches the all-white suit in everything. She even added all-white hair to make the ensemble her own. And if you thought her White Canary was perfect, her She-Ra and Batgirl are just as good, as is another character she does from the Arrowverse: Supergirl.

9 Firestorm

Firestorm has appeared in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Robbie Amell (Stephen Amell’s first cousin) and Frank Drameh both played Firestorm in the CW’s Arrowverse, though it’s rumored Firestorm will leave both shows.

Posted December 13, 2017, Kristopher Paul’s Firestorm is one of the more recent cosplays on this list. For the Sarsota Holiday 2017 parade, Kristopher donned the familiar red, yellow, and black outfit to entertain fans of the character and the Arrowverse. The chest matrix Paul created for the costume is very impressive. Although it’s not lighted in the above picture, there are many pictures on his Instagram of it lighted as he posed with other cosplayers and fans.

Besides Firestorm, you can find Paul dressing as Power Rangers and Captain America.

8 Black Canary

According to her Instagram, That’s So Laurel is a “PR Manager by day” and “Cosplayer by night.” She has done quite a few characters, but many of her cosplays and the pictures she’s posted are of Black Canary. Another entry in this Arrowverse cosplay list showcases her Black Siren. Both are of equally high quality.

The Black Canary cosplay dominant on her Instagram delights from head to toe. It’s like Laurel was snatched from the show itself for the photoshoots. The boots, the baton, and the hair make it seem like you could easily swap the cosplayer and the actress without noticing. This cosplay is just that good.

If you peruse other photos of Laurel’s, you’ll also find other Black Canary pictures in other costumes.

7 Hawkman

Cosplayer: @cap_santiago Photo: @w10002 #hawkman #hawkmancosplay #justiceleague

A post shared by Fran Martin (@best_dc_cosplays) on

In terms of dress, Hawkman’s outfit is a similar costume to Hawkgirl’s. The most obvious, impressive feature is the wings of course. And any cosplayer that adds wings to the cosplay has won in many fans’ eyes.

While the Carter Hall version has a smaller mace and different color outfit, cosplayer Cap Santiago (real name David Santiago) still pulled off a winged feat for Hawkman. Santiago has cosplayed as other characters like Nova and Captain America and has been featured at many comic cons, but Hawkman is his most remarkable creation.

Santiago has won many awards and has placed high - often in 1st place - in costume contests, including at C2E2, different Wizard World conventions, and the NY Anime Festival. If you want to see him work his magic at conventions and contests, you can watch his videos at his YouTube channel.

6 Speedy

Russian cosplayer and model Alina has been creating cosplays since 2010. Each character she undertakes gets a jaw-dropping level of detail, including her Speedy cosplay.

Speedy is the alter ego of Thea Queen, who’s the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer, in Arrow. She is also a vigilante, though she soon went out on her own to find her true purpose.

Alina is stunning as Speedy, posing as if she’s ready to save your city on a moment’s notice. And in the photos where she poses with other Arrowverse characters, like Black Canary, it’s apparent she embodies the character in attitude and spirit.

Alina has also pulled of phenomenal portraits of Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect and various anime characters such as Sara Shirabuki. Her cosplay of Natsu from Soul Calibur V is also incredible.

5 Citizen Steel

Most people can recognize major Arrowverse characters by their costumes. Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl are easy to spot. Unless you’re more than a casual fan of DC or the Arrowverse, you might not know who Citizen Steel is if a cosplayer happened to walk by in that outfit.

Citizen Steel is also known as Corporal Steel, Mr. Steel, and sometimes just as Steel. Citizen Steel has mainly appeared on Legends of Tomorrow, but was mentioned in the “Invasion!” episodes of The Flash and Arrow.

Jay Period has done an amazing job recreating Steel’s costume, from the gauntlets to the star emblem on the torso. If you’d like to see him in person, he attends many large conventions like Emerald City Comic Con and Silicon Valley Comic Con. But like most cosplayers, his Instagram will have many pictures of his endeavors.

4 Reverse Flash

Reverse Flash (or Professor Eobard Thawne) is from the 22nd century and destined to be the Flash’s nemesis. But their battles could last indefinitely since neither one of them is faster or stronger than the other. The character has appeared in Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

 It’s not necessary for a cosplayer to be as professional as Yaya Han or Ivy Doomkitty to have a huge body of work behind them. The Instagram account named Awaycatwogua shows cosplays of Reverse Flash simply having fun. From poses to action shots, this cosplayer undoubtedly is having the time of her life in the photo shoots.

Not only is she a cosplayer, but also a dentist, teacher, and dancer! Other standout cosplays she’s done are Lady Loki and Black Widow.

3 Black Canary

Another Black Canary cosplay that makes the list is by Stephanie Storm. In the Arrowverse, Katie Cassidy plays Black Canary. When you think of the character, you no doubt think of the skin-tight black outfit, blonde hair, and eye mask. With Stephanie Storm’s version you get all of that.

According to her Instagram, the Black Canary cosplay took a “lot of time and effort,” and with how perfectly it emulates the Arrowverse version and how great it looks on Stephanie, the time and effort was worth it.

If you look through her Instagram, her sense of humor hits you in the face. You’ll find a hilarious Weird Al cosplay and photos that appear awkward at first, but will make you laugh once you realize she’s not being serious.

2 Dark Archer

Dark Archer is the alter ego of Malcolm Merlyn, who is the father of Thea Queen (Speedy). The Dark Archer is a vigilante and played by the actor, John Barrowman. In the Arrowverse, the Archer has appeared in The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow. You can also find him in two of the Arrow novels, based on the TV show.

In September 2017, at the Fan Expo in Canada, the above photo was taken with the Dark Archer and the Green Arrow. The Dark Archer’s costume in the picture was meticulously created. While the cosplayer is unknown, it’s obvious he took great time to recreate Dark Archer’s Arrowverse costume as closely as he could. It’s definitely a cosplay that John Barrowman would be proud of.

1 The Flash

Many of the Flash cosplays from the Arrowverse you see at conventions are most likely purchased through a costume shop or many of the companies that manufacture them. You can get a full outfit - including helmet and boots - from foreign costume companies if you don’t particularly want to spend a lot of time on a Flash cosplay but still want to look good.

To see a really amazing cosplay of the Flash, you need to step away from the Arrowverse version and check out James Phelan’s Justice League movie’s version. Phelan is an Australian cosplayer who’s been going to conventions since 2013. The number of pieces that he worked with to complete the ensemble would frustrate many people. What’s truly phenomenal are the white wires he included to direct the lightning that the Flash creates.


What cosplays from the Arrowverse have you seen that impressed you? Let us know in the comments below!

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