9 Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

Post-apocalyptic TV shows can be a way of escaping the stress of our own world. The genre is appealing despite its dark themes, and there are a wide range of post-apocalyptic shows out there. From aliens, to environmental destruction, to zombies, there are many ways that the world can end.

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If you’re looking for a post-apocalyptic show to watch, we’ve collected a list of nine of them that are available to stream on Netflix right now. You’ll be able to find a show that makes you enjoy watching the world end.

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Skeet Ulrich in Jericho - TV Series That Netflix Should Renew
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Skeet Ulrich in Jericho - TV Series That Netflix Should Renew

One of the ways the world could end is by nuclear war. While this topic might be almost a little too real, exploring this idea in a fictional show is intriguing. In Jericho, residents of a small, Kansas town see a nuclear mushroom cloud.

This show focuses more on how the town’s inhabitants deal with the fact they might be some of the only people left alive. Because, as we all know, sometimes it’s more about the dangers within than the dangers without.

8 3%

3% is a post-apocalyptic thriller made by Netflix in Brazil. In this dystopian society, the world is divided between progress and poverty and devastation. People get the chance to move to where things are good and safe, but only 3% of people who try make it. This dystopian society is definitely a reflection on wealth disparity in our own world.

This show has great ratings, and, as long as you don’t mind watching a show with titles, it’s a great TV show to add to your roster if you love a good dystopia.


James Wolk Zoo

This thrilled TV series is based on a novel by James Patterson. While this series might not be the highest-rated one out there, it definitely has an intriguing premise and will entertain you at least. In Zoo, a zoologist in Africa notices animals attacking humans and that this is happening more frequently all across the world.

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As the animals appear to coordinated attacks against humans, Jackson tries to stop the pandemic and save the human race. The premise might be a tad ridiculous, but it’s definitely of interest to those who are interested in animals and animal rights.


The Shannara Chronicles is not your usual apocalyptic show. This series is part fantasy, part end of the world and is based on the book series by Terry Brooks. The series follows herpes from a place called the Four Lands as they work together to keep a demon army from destroying the world.

This series covers a thousand years after humankind has fallen and been nearly destroyed, and this group of elves and humans has to save the world. If you’re looking for a post-apocalyptic show meets classic fantasy, give this series a try.


One of the most popular genres of post-apocalyptic stories is zombies and other pandemic instances. Zombie shows are part-thriller, part-dystopian, and part-horror, and Z Nation is a show that will remind you of The Walking Dead but with more traveling across the country.

If you feel like The Walking Dead focuses too much on only one area of the country, this series takes the show on the road. Occurring years after the zombie apocalypse ruined America, this show follows Murphy, the only person who survived the virus, and the only hope of a cure.

4 THE 100

After nuclear war destroys earth, humans flee to space stations to continue on. Three generations later and the space stations can no longer support humans for much longer, so a group of young teenage criminals are sent to earth to test how inhabit it is.

The 100 has romance, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, and more. This young adults series is an intriguing take on a post-apocalyptic world and mashes up many genres in a way that will appeal to many kinds of viewers.


This series takes place in Los Angeles not too far in the future. If you’re into alien invasions, Colony is the right post-apocalyptic show for you. As unknown outside forces arrive, some of the LA inhabitants side with the invaders while others rebel.

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This show follows former FBI agent Will Bowman and his wife as they work to get their son back after he was separated from them during the invasion. Will is offered the chance to work with the invading forces in order to get his son back.


The Walking Dead definitely had to appear on this list. This show has been arguably the most successful post-apocalyptic television series ever. Currently on its ninth season, this zombie apocalypse story has been so successful because of its characters and their conflicts.

The issues between other humans make this show interesting, and the high-production value for a zombie series really sets The Walking Dead apart. Even if you’ve seen the show before, a re-watch never hurts as it’s one of the best post-apocalyptic shows out there.


The Rain is another foreign Netflix series that has high ratings. This Danish series is about a virus carried by the rain that nearly kills everyone across Scandinavia. The Rain follows two Danish siblings as they leave their bunker six years after the event happened. They join up with other survivors and search for other survivors and signs of life.

This series also deals with romance, jealousy, and interpersonal conflict between the young survivors. If you're looking for something recent and fresh, give this show a try.

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