The Best Animated Disney Parents, Ranked

Although Disney is notorious for creating characters whose parents die off, there are still plenty of incredible moms and dads out there in the films.

Although Disney is notorious for creating characters whose parents die off either before the start of their films or during them, there are still plenty of incredible moms and dads out there in the movie universe.

Sure, not every Disney parent is incredible; just look at Lady Tremaine from Cinderella or Mother Gothel from Tangled. But despite the exceptions, many of them are actually pretty cool. We’re here to look at all the Disney parents out there and see how they stack up.

In this ranking, we won’t be tackling Pixar movies, but we have to give a huge shout-out to those characters we’ll be missing, including supermom Mrs. Incredible and undersea dad-of-the-year, Marlin.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to take a look at all of Disney's best parents. Here we go!

10 Cinderella: The King

The King pushes for grandchildren a bit much, but at least he ultimately wants his son’s happiness.

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His temper is a huge problem, but the fact that he lets the prince marry whoever she wants—even someone with no royal background—is worth remembering. Though his role is small, his romantic spirit must have had some influence on Prince Charming’s decision to track down the maiden he danced with at the ball.

9 The Little Mermaid: King Triton

King Triton in The Little Mermaid 1989

Sure, King Triton is strict, but at least he acts this way because he wants what's best for Ariel. He’s protective, but it’s only because he knows the dangers of the outside world.

Most importantly, his character development is phenomenal. He eventually realizes, at the recommendation of Sebastian, that what is best for Ariel is for her to be free and live her own life. Accepting this difficult fact takes maturity and proves that his parenting skills have come a long way.

8 Beauty and the Beast: Maurice

Okay, so Maurice does manage to get his daughter imprisoned by the Beast after she trades herself for his capture, but no one can say he didn’t love her. While he is a bit scatterbrained at times, he teaches Belle to pursue her dreams by setting a positive example. This can be seen when he decides to enter his invention into the fair. Additionally, he doesn’t deem Belle as being odd even when the rest of the village seems to think so.

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When his daughter is kidnapped by the Beast, Maurice runs back to the village to plea they rescue her. Although they don’t take him seriously, at least he tries.

7 The Princess and the Frog: Eudora

After Tiana’s father passes, Eudora is left to raise her daughter on her own. While she wants Tiana to understand the value of working hard, she also understands the importance of having a little fun.

Yes, she pushes the whole “When are you going to get married and have kids?” thing, but her caring spirit helps us overlook this. She stands by Tiana's side through it all.

6 Aladdin: The Sultan

Jasmine's father is easygoing and optimistic. Although he at first tries to find a suitor for his daughter, it’s part of the job — and it’s not his fault that Jafar is hypnotizing him half the time.

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It is proven by the end of the film that he loves Jasmine more than the law, which is why he changes it so that Jasmine can marry whoever she pleases. He willingly accepts Aladdin by the end, even though he is not the prince he at first desired.

5 Tangled: King Frederic and Queen Arianna

Though Rapunzel’s parents don’t have any lines in Tangled, their actions speak for themselves. After a young Rapunzel is stolen away from them, they never give up hope and light a lantern in her honor on her birthday every year. You can see how much they still miss her after so much time has passed.

When Rapunzel embraces them at the end of the movie, she brings Eugene along — and they bring him into the hug as part of the family, even though he is the most wanted man in the kingdom. Their love is that unconditional.

4 The Lion King: Mufasa

Mufasa from The Lion King

Although Mufasa suffers from an untimely death in The Lion King, his influence on Simba is tremendous as he guides him through the remainder of his life. He is just and responsible, teaching Simba the makings of a strong leader while he is still young.

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After Simba grows older, Mufasa appears to him yet again as a ghost in the clouds. Though he is gone, his presence remains. Though he is firm, his love is gentle.

3 Tarzan: Kala

Tarzan Youll Be In My Heart Song

Kala is Disney’s best adopted mother. After losing her own child to the leopard Sabor, she takes in Tarzan as her own despite him being a human instead of a gorilla.

While Tarzan grows up, she pays special attention to his well-being and protects him against her husband who doesn’t understand his kind. After Tarzan becomes a man, despite her deep love for her son, she understands that he needs to leave and be with people. She willingly accepts that she needs to let him go when he chooses to head back to England with Jane.

2 The Emperor’s New Groove: Chicha

Chicha deserves a mom-of-the-year award for handling two hyperactive kids and the baby that's on the way. She does this single-handedly while Pacha is gone at the palace.

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Chicha is additionally a master at teaching her kids to stand their own while throwing in some fun. When Kronk and Yzma show up at her home and pretend they are related to Pacha, she locks them in a dark room by removing the doorknob and has a good laugh with her kids. She additionally works with her children on a plan that stalls the pair as Kuzco and Pacha race back to the palace.

1 Mulan: Fa Zhou

Topping off the list is Fa Zhou from Mulan. Although his daughter brings dishonor to the family by creating a scene at the matchmaker’s and escaping to join the army in his place, he shows her unconditional love.

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At the beginning of the film, Fa Zhou is seen praying to the ancestors for Mulan’s success. In the end, when Mulan returns home to her father with the Sword of Shan Yu and the Crest of the Emporer as gifts, Fa Zhou pushes them aside. He embraces his daughter, explaining that she is the greatest gift of all.

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