The 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Episodes Of The Office

Alright, we'll level with you. We're big fans of The Office, and when we say "big fans," we mean we've marathon-watched the entire series at least 10 times. So, when it comes to ranking each episode, we're a little biased. It's hard to find fault in the things you adore, you know? Love is blind, after all.

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A collection of quirky characters in a business setting, each employee rattles off line after line of hilarious and memorable dialogue. How could that not make for a classic sitcom? There's a whole lot to love when it comes to The Office, but the series is not without its flaws. Check out these five best (and five worst) episodes.

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10 Worst - 'Mafia'

With Jim and Pam away on their honeymoon, the office has fallen into a state of low-key chaos. After Michael meets with an insurance salesman with the last name Grotti, Dwight and Andy convince him that the guy has mob ties. In spite of Oscar's attempts to nip the tomfoolery in the bud, Michael agrees to go to lunch with the insurance salesman, where things quickly spiral out of control.

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Maybe the episode just feels weird because Pam and Jim are away, but the whole flow of this episode, especially in the context of season six, is clunky and stilted. We're not saying this episode is awful, because it's not. But it's one we can easily skip when we binge-watch the series.

9 Best - 'Beach Games'

The 23rd episode of the third season, "Beach Games" was about as fun of an episode of The Office as you could hope to find, and it was laced with just enough drama to make it a relevant turning point in the series, too.

Michael, confident that he's secured a job in corporate, takes his employees to a beach to hold a Survivor-like competition, the champion of which will be his replacement. There's an egg and spoon race, a hot dog eating contest, and a hilarious sumo wrestling competition. In the end, Pam is the only one brave enough to walk across the bed of hot coals, which gives her enough confidence to tell Jim how she really feels. Well, sort of. All in all, it's a great episode.

8 Worst - 'The Farm'

Ugh. "The Farm." Poor thing, this episode had so much to live up to, it just never had a chance. We mean, Schrute family drama sounds like comedy gold, but with so much to live up to, this one tripped over its own toes right out of the gate.

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The episode takes place at Dwight's beet farm, where his family has gathered to bury his Aunt Shirley. He shoots his aunt's body with a shotgun to ensure she's really dead (strike one), the "quirky family reunion" gag falls flat (strike two), and meanwhile, back at the office, everybody except for Pam gets high on drug-laced cupcakes brought by Todd Packer (strike three). That's a whole lotta weird and not a lotta funny.

7 Best - 'Office Olympics'

In this episode, Michael leaves the office with Dwight to sign the papers for his new condo. Meanwhile, Pam must revive Jim from dying of boredom every so often. Jim is pleased to discover that his co-workers play games to alleviate their own boredom, and so he and Pam orchestrate the Games of the First Dunder Mifflin Olympiad, complete with yogurt lid medals. A classic episode of The Office was born!

"Office Olympics" is iconic. It has so many good lines, so many good scenes, so much to love! When it comes to picking our favorite episodes, this one is a no-brainer. It's more than earned its spot on the list.

6 Worst - 'Night Out'

The 15th episode of the fourth season, titled "Night Out" was a weird one. To be fair, though, most of the episodes of The Office that are bad, aren't actually bad, they're just a little...not right. They feel forced, they fall flat, they don't fit in. Even though they're not terrible, they certainly don't flow.

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Anyway, in "Night Out," Michael and Dwight head to New York to party with Ryan, where they discover he's been using drugs. Back at the Scranton branch, Jim convinces everyone to work overtime on Friday to avoid having to come into work Saturday, which results in them getting locked in. This episode was assaulted with disappointing plotlines on all sides.

5 Best - 'Safety Training'

As ~blah~ as the worst episodes in the series are, the episodes of The Office that win, win BIG. The 20th episode from the third season, "Safety Training" is an absolute gem. From Michael throwing a watermelon from the roof of the building onto a trampoline, where it bounces into an employee's car, to him calling Dwight an "ignorant slut," every scene from this episode is memorable, which makes it a fan favorite in our book.

After the office workers are mocked by Darryl, who works in the far more hazardous warehouse, Michael is determined to prove that the office has dangers of its own. This all culminates in Michael's employees talking him down from the roof, and Stanley discovering his car is covered in watermelon. #Classic.

4 Worst - 'The Delivery: Part 1'

Maybe it's just us, but we never really cared for "The Delivery: Part 1." Pam refuses to go to the hospital, even though she is CLEARLY in labor, citing her and Jim's insurance policy, which allows for a longer hospital stay if they are admitted to the hospital past midnight. In the end, Pam admits she's afraid, but she's finally convinced to go to the hospital.

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The first half of this two-part episode seems contrived. Pam refusing to go to the hospital seems out of character by itself, but it just feels like an excuse to have her co-workers engage in wacky behavior — which, admittedly, isn't unusual, but the whole situation seems far-fetched and unlikely. Fortunately, the second half of the episode more than makes up for the poor quality of the first half, as we see the arrival of baby Cecelia.

3 Best - 'Money'

Alright, let's back it up a little bit. Rewind your "knowledge of The Office episodes" mental VHS tape, back to when Jim and Pam had just started dating. Oh, sure, there were plenty of adorable little moments between Scranton's most lovable couple, but no episode captured their relationship (or Dwight's personality) quite like "Money."

In this one, episode eight of season four, Jim and Pam spend a night together at Dwight's beet farm. The two meet Dwight's somehow even more screwed up cousin, Mose, spread manure in a beet field, witness a table-making demonstration, and listen to an excerpt of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire before bed. This collection of quality Schrute WTF-ery, combined with Jim and Pam relationship squee, makes for one darn near perfect episode.

2 Worst - 'Pool Party'

In "Pool Party," Robert California hosts a pool party (big surprise) at his fancy pants mansion. With the office gang under the creepy, enigmatic supervision of Robert California in his expensive home, the premise of this episode is strange.

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The episode has a lot going on. Andy plans to propose to his girlfriend but loses the ring. Kelly and Phyllis "destroy" it by setting it on a pyre in the pool. Erin flirts with Dwight, who agrees to help her make Andy jealous. There's a series of chicken fights in the pool. Eventually, Erin finds the ring and gives it back to Andy, who reveals he has doubts about proposing to his girlfriend. Erin is happy. It's very dark in Robert California's house. Oscar drinks wine. A lot happens. It's memorable. Just, not in the best way.

1 Best - 'The Injury'

"The Injury" is the 12th installment of the second season of the series, and while we hate to keep using words like "classic" and "iconic" to describe our favorite episodes, we don't know how else to do. Besides, how could Michael Scott burning his foot on a George Foreman grill be classified as something other than quintessential?

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This episode oozes hilarity, it gives such an accurate glimpse into the lives of the main characters, and, let's face it, the idea of someone burning their foot on a George Foreman grill is comedy genius! The Office writers didn't always hit the mark, but they did more often than not.

From where we stand, they've got plenty to be proud of because they produced one of the heart-warming, gut-bustingly hilarious series humanity has ever known.

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