10 Supernatural Fan Theories That Are Too Good To Be True

Upon hearing that the upcoming 15th season of the CW's Supernatural will be its last, many fans are experiencing the bittersweet pangs of sorrow over the journey being over and joy that it will be ended before it gets stale. Misha Collins has promised fans a "season you deserve," and while we're holding Castiel to his promise we can't help but wonder if any of our theories will come true.

There are so many high hopes for Dean and Sam Winchester and the motley crew of Supernatural characters that we've fallen in love with, lost and often rediscovered over the years this final season, but some theories that fans subscribe to are just too good to be true. We can't rule anything out when it comes to the series swan song, but it's doubtful that any of these theories will receive their confirmations during the last season of Supernatural.

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10 Dean Is Insane

While it's a fun theory to subscribe to, the reality of the entire Supernatural show being a figment of Dean's fragmented mind after he survived a fire that took not only his mother but his father is highly unlikely. While we've had several episodes that took place in mental institutions, there isn't much other evidence to support the wild theory that would change the entire show forever.

Just think if it were true: would Cas be a handsome orderly? Would Sam visit his brother and tell him stories? It holds about as much merit as the idea of the Harry Potter series all existing in a poor orphan boy's head, but it's still fun for speculation purposes.

9 600 Years Of Bad Luck

Remember back in the first season when Sam and Dean smashed a bunch of mirrors in the fifth episode, "Bloody Mary"? Dean joked that the brothers likely earned 600 years of bad luck through the ordeal, and while it was funny at the time, what if it were true?

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We know that cursed objects are real, and Sam stated that mirrors can trap souls, a little tidbit of lore we wish had been used more often as it has so many possibilities. What if the brothers are actually trapped via mirror, or that all of their terrible fortunes are simply because they broke a bunch of mirrors? Given the lack of reference it's unlikely that this theory will be proven true.

8 The Walking Dead Is John's Hell

Who doesn't wish that Negan of The Walking Dead was really John Winchester? It would be so cool to connect the worlds and make The Walking Dead a version of John's own private turmoil where he destroys people instead of rescuing them, particularly with his brutal bat, Lucille. What if we found out that Lucille was the name of a woman John loved before Mary, or an alias that Mary liked to use for some reason? Mind blown!

Alas, this juicy theory that is so much fun to discuss and imagine just isn't going to ever be proven in the Supernatural realm, making it too good to be true.

7 Sam And Dean Are Already Gone

Speaking of alternate realities where the Winchesters are already gone... We all know there have been plenty of times that Sam and Dean should have kicked the bucket for good, and both brothers have passed on and come back more times than most characters in a fantasy or sci-fi show. Some fans speculate that the brothers truly shuffled off this mortal coil for good in the final episode of season five, "Swan Song," and that every episode since has just been of the two in Heaven... or Hell.

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It could really be both, considering how often they've been tortured as well as what makes them happy, which is fighting monsters alongside each other. The producers probably have a very different ending in mind.

6 Bela Talbot Worked For The Men Of Letters

Remember back when "Bela Lugosi," AKA Bela Talbot, gave the brothers a run for their money? She also said that she had some powerful clientele that she worked for, and she definitely sought after ancient artifacts much like Mary Winchester. So what if she worked for the Men of Letters?

Not only do we love the idea of Lauren Cohan appearing back on the show as Bella, but we think it would be great to revisit any of the wonderful characters who had so much potential but were offed too soon. From Pamela Barnes to Ellen and Jo Harvelle, there are so many great personalities we'd love to meet again. Given how often other characters have returned to us, we'd like to say it's possible, but it's really not likely.

5 The Brothers Are Jesus

Or at least one of them is Jesus. A fun fan theory postulates that the brothers are able to return from the afterlife so often not because of dumb luck, angel interference, and other odd occurrences but because they are the son, or sons, of god, who keeps sending them back to help save people, much like Jesus was destined to die on the cross in order to save people in the first place.

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It's a theory without a lot of weight, but it would explain why the brothers never have scars from all of their battles, how they helped stop the Apocalypse (or were sent to start it), and several other questions that need answering.

4 We Are God

If you think Sam and Dean representing Jesus is wild, imagine what the show might mean if we, the viewers, are meant to be the omniscient God! The theory is that the archangels took God's omnipotence away while leaving Him omniscient, which means that He can still witness every moment happening on the planet but is powerless to do anything about it.

This theory is so much fun because it not only puts viewers in the driver's seat, which fits Supernatural so well since it's always made it a point to interact with the fans, but also because there's just so much chaos and destruction for God to witness that it would almost make sense. Naturally, it can't be true since Chuck was identified as God and we now know that He was behind the brothers' status as a "firewall"... or can it? We could still be witnessing many things from his perspective, especially while dealing with Amara.

3 Amelia Was A Figment Of Sam's Imagination

Amelia and Sam Supernatural

Remember Sam's perfect girlfriend Amelia Richardson? She was almost too perfect for the mopey moose with her parallel grief, love of animals, caring natures and desire to run away from their pasts... not to mention how conveniently they ended up at the same hotel. Some fans speculate that this is due to Amelia not being real but a figment of Sam's imagination in order to deal with the loss of his brother. Amelia's departure could also be explained away with this theory, since it makes more sense for her to not return to the hotel for him again, especially after he callously told her their final hookup had been a mistake.

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Speaking of girlfriends, some fans speculate that Sam will be reunited with his fiancee Jessica in the final season. Everything is possible, right?

2 Meg Is Megara From Hercules

Meg, like Ruby, was one of those demons we loved to hate and it's such a pity that she's gone, although she did get much more airtime than many of the lost characters that we miss so much. There's a delicious fan theory that Meg is the famous Megara of Hercules fame, and that she does so many awful deeds because they are a part of the sentence she is serving to Hades. Would this make Cas her Hercules?

It's highly doubtful that this theory will ever be confirmed, especially since Meg's been gone for years, but the idea of another crossover in which Meg sells her soul to protect a loved one and carries out this terrible sentence in exchange is tragically romantic and fun to imagine.

1 Dean And Cas Will Be Official

Fans have been begging for an official Destiel pairing ever since the grumpy angel yanked Dean Winchester out of Heaven, the two declared that they needed each other over and over again, and everyone from angels to demons to the showrunners themselves said the two were an item. The question is, will fans ever get what they want?

It's not likely, after all of these years and the baiting the show has done by dangling the possibility over viewers for so long. Many fans have criticized the show for using the possibility of a relationship as a tool to lure them back in while refusing to ever truly acknowledge it and there's a slim chance that the season finale will make those dreams finally come true.

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