The Worst Movies From The Best Actors

Jack Nicholson once famously said, "When Marlon dies, everybody moves up one." Indeed, nobody on this list can come close to matching Marlon Brando's status as a cultural icon and, in his prime, few could match him as an actor. While Marlon Brando's career is marked by famous movies like On The Waterfront and The Godfather,  the actor also starred in some stinkers and the 1992 film Christopher Columbus: The Discovery was one of Brando's worst.

Unlike the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria, this movie was sunk from the beginning due to financing issues and behind-the-scenes drama. Of course, the lackluster performances didn't help the movie's cause either. Brando in particular phoned in his performance, which was not all that uncommon for the actor during his late career.

Obviously, Brando's failed performance in a largely unknown period film hasn't had an impact on his legacy, which is good. We all want to remember Marlon Brando as the soulful actor of A Streetcar Named Desire, not as an overweight, tired old actor that was just cashing a paycheck.

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