The Worst Movies From The Best Actors

Nobody does it quite like Jack. Over the course of his more than 50-year career as an actor, Nicholson has been a part of several iconic films and has the accolades to prove it. Among living male actors, nobody has more Academy Award wins and nominations than Jack Nicholson (3 and 12, respectively) and few can claim to have as many instantly memorable lines.

Of course, when you've been working for over 50 years you're bound to have a few screw-ups, and Nicholson's worst was a movie called Man Trouble from 1997. The film, which earned him a Razzie nomination, re-teamed Nicholson with director Bob Rafelson, who had found success collaborating with the actor on multiple movies in the 1970s, including the excellent Five Easy Pieces.

Unfortunately, this Nicholson-Rafelson partnership didn't work out as well, becoming a huge flop both commercially and critically. The movie's romantic comedy plot (about a man who runs a guard dog service and his relationship with a celebrity client)  was criticized for being lightweight and failed to connect with audiences.

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