The Worst Movies From The Best Actors

When Jeff Bridges finally took home an Academy Award in 2009 for his starring role in Crazy Heart, everyone in Hollywood seemed to breath a sigh of relief.  After six nominations, it was great to see the talented actor finally get recognition for his consistently dignified and eclectic work.

However, not all of Bridges' eclectic film choices proved popular with critics. In particular, the 2005 independent film The Amateurs - about a group of small town men interested in filming an amateur porn film - failed to connect with critics and earned the actor some of the worst reviews of his career.

One other film on Bridges' resume could also fill be considered his worst: the 1985 thriller 8 Million Ways to Die. However, that film, which earned the dreaded 0% fresh rating, only has seven reviews so we're leaving it off the list. In either case, if you're looking for a good Bridges movie, we recommend checking out some of his more popular films. Big Lebowski anyone?

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