The Worst Movies From The Best Actors

With one Academy Award win (out of five nominations) and important roles in such monumental films as The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, Robert Duvall is easily one of the most celebrated character actors in movie history, which is why it's so curious that the 2003 Civil War film Gods and Generals was such a miserable failure.

For those not up on their Civil War movie history, Gods and Generals was a prequel to the 1993 film Gettysburg. Unlike the first film, however, Gods and Generals failed to weave an interesting drama out of its heady subject matter, leading critics to complain about the film's plodding pace and ridiculously long runtime (a whopping 214 minutes).

Taking over for Martin Sheen, Duvall did a decent job filling the role of General Robert E. Lee, but the movie's lack of narrative focus doomed it with audiences. The $55 million film, which was entirely financed by billionaire Ted Turner, was a failure at the box office earning just shy of $13 million domestically.

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