The Worst Movies From The Best Actors

One of several actors on this list to study with the famous Lee Strasberg, Paul Newman turned his steely blue-eyes and affable demeanor into a hugely successful movie career, earning 10 Academy Award nominations and one win. However, while Newman is best known for his work in classic films like The Hustler and Cool Hand Luke, the actor didn't always pick the best projects.

There are a couple of films from Newman's early career that earned a rare 0% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but since these films don't have the requisite number of reviews, we ended up with the 1999 romantic drama Message in a Bottle.

Newman actually earned strong critical praise for his role as Kevin Costner's father, but the movie's contrived plot and depressing ending didn't connect with critics. Still, Message in a Bottle did decent business at the box office which is more than what most of the movies on this list were able to accomplish. The fact that this is one of Paul Newman's worst movies really speaks to the actor's skill and longevity.

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