15Netflix Brawls (Jessica Jones & Daredevil)

Jessica Jones & Daredevil

Granted, they play out on television, but Netflix’s stable of superhero star power is still part of the Marvel timeline. As such, they’ve both had fights that are just too damn good to pass up. Leading off with Jessica Jones, the moody Marvel heroine (Krysten Ritter), most would point to the bar room brawl between her and strapping enforcer Luke Cage (Mike Colter) in the episode "AKA Crush Syndrome." Filtered through a gritty realism, Jones and Cage take down an entire establishment of goons with ease, making good on the show’s reputation as the salty little sister of MCU standards. She may be a lady, but she certainly doesn’t throw down like one.

Daredevil continues this hardened view on superheroes who take their justice brutal, with highlight fights proving so frequent that selecting a single example is nearly impossible. Over Matt Murdock’s two seasons, fans have been treated to one stunning display after another, treading so far into neo-noir bleakness that sometimes it's tough to pinpoint a moral compass. If forced at gunpoint to decide upon a set piece, the hallway fight from the episode, "Cut Man." Though it wears it's Oldboy (2003) influence on it's sleeve, the sequence plays out in such poetic ugliness that it was immediately lauded as the greatest fight in TV history. That’s not even getting into his tussles with Kingpin or The Punisher, or even season two's take on the idea of extended fight sequences.

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