80s & 90s Cartoons that Could be Great Blockbuster Movies

Show: SilverHawks

Original Run: 65 episodes (September 8, 1986 – December 5, 1986)

Premise: "Partly metal, partly real" intergalactic heroes that battle evil robots out in space.

Why It Could Work: While certain elements of SilverHawks are undoubtedly campy (example: Lt. Colonel Bluegrass and his weaponized guitar), the premise could make for an incredible sci-fi blockbuster experience - since the SilverHawks sport slick armored suits and spend a lot of their time battling in actual space. A SilverHawks film would feature the excitement of a Star Wars X-Wing dogfight with the added benefit of characters that can rocket out of their transports - and continue the brawl in zero-gravity with high-tech suits, shoulder-mounted lasers, and mechanical hawk companions. The SilverHawks rogues gallery is also strong with interesting villains that would be fun to see on the big screen - such as mob boss Mon*Star (who rides a robotic octopus), cybernetic minotaur Mumbo Jumbo, and multi-bladed brawler Buzz-Saw, among others.

Watch the animated intro from SilverHawks - HERE and the entire first episode - HERE.

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