80s & 90s Cartoons that Could be Great Blockbuster Movies

Show: Masters of the Universe (Reboot)

Original Run: 130 episodes (September 30, 1983 – December 8, 1984)

Premise: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe battle Skeletor and his evil warriors.

Why It Could Work: A Masters of the Universe movie reboot is currently in the works at DreamWorks but many fans remain skeptical of its chances at delivering a worthwhile big screen adventure. However, the world of Eternia is ripe with a diverse set of heroes and villains that can make for exciting and creative feature film translation - especially weirdos like Man-E-Faces, Moss Man, Two-Bad, and Saurod - that were entirely ignored in the 1987 film starring Dolph Lundgren. While He-Man is often depicted as a one-note hero archetype (as he was in the aforementioned Lundgren movie), there's plenty of interesting and unexplored potential in his storyline - especially since his alter ego, Prince Adam, is an unassuming "mask" (similar to Clark Kent). Plus, who wouldn't want to see He-Man and Skelator stride into a live-action battle on the backs of BattleCat and Panthor, respectively?

Watch the animated intro from Masters of the Universe - HERE and the entire first episode - HERE.

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