80s & 90s Cartoons that Could be Great Blockbuster Movies

Gargoyles Cartoon Movie

Show: Gargoyles

Original Run: 78 episodes (October 24, 1994 – February 15, 1997)

Premise: Heroic Gargoyles team with NYPD cops to fight supernatural threats.

Why It Could Work:  Awakening from a 1,000 year imprisonment, the Gargoyles must adjust to the life in the modern era while saving the world from nightmarish creatures and evildoer David Xanatos - a rich genius with ties to the Illuminati. For a kids show, the core story and individual character arcs explored in Gargoyles were surprisingly dark (with poignant moments of betrayal, moral ambiguity, and even death) - meaning that, despite the campy set-up, a big screen version could manage to marry slick visuals with rich thematic elements and solid storytelling. Furthermore, much like fellow genius billionaire, Lex Luthor, Xanatos also developed a (Gargoyle-inspired) mech suit - which could make for an exciting showdown in the final act between Goliath and a tech-heavy Xanatos.

Watch the animated intro from Gargoyles - HERE and the entire first episode - HERE.

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