80s & 90s Cartoons that Could be Great Blockbuster Movies

Show: Freakazoid!

Original Run: 24 episodes (September 9, 1995 – June 1, 1997)

Premise: A teenage superhero with a manic personality.

Why It Could Work: Designed from the ground-up to satirize comic book hero tropes through self-referential dialogue and tongue-in-cheek applications of familiar superpowers, Freakazoid! also incorporated parodies of established evildoers - and included a variety of entertaining cameo appearances (including Steven Spielberg, Brain from Pinky and the Brain, as well as Wakko from Animaniacs). Considering countless superheroes have made a successful jump from comic book pages to cartoon serials to big screen blockbusters, it's easy to imagine that Freakazoid! could deliver fun counter-programming to the current slate of "grounded" DC and Marvel film offerings (especially if the Deadpool film never gets a green light). Freakazoid's sixteen year-old alter ego, Dexter Douglas, is also ripe for a fresh origin story approach - since the titular antihero is, after all, a deranged lunatic - who could cause plenty of havoc in Dexter's school and home life.

Watch the animated intro from Freakazoid! - HERE and the entire first episode - HERE.

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