80s & 90s Cartoons that Could be Great Blockbuster Movies

Dino Riders Cartoon Movie

Show: Dino-Riders

Original Run: 14 episodes (October 1, 1988 – December 31, 1988)

Premise: Pulled back in time, the courageous Valorians and evil Rulons use telepathy and brainwashing, respectively, to ride laser-fitted Dinosaurs into battle.

Why It Could Work: There's a long history of love for dinosaurs on film: from Brute Force in 1914 to The Land Before Time in 1988, among others. That said, after Jurassic Park set a new standard for realistic dinosaurs on screen, the only sensible way to raise the bar higher is to add futuristic weapons into the equation. Universal Pictures toyed with the idea of weaponized dinosaur hybrids for Jurassic Park 4 - so, comparatively, Dino-Riders offers a significantly more grounded approach. After the neural-handshake in Pacific Rim and the Tsaheylu in Avatar, audiences should be prepared to suspend disbelief for the cartoon's sillier story elements - so that they can revel in watching a Tyrannosaurus Rex marching into battle with shoulder and head-mounted laser guns.

Watch the animated intro from Dino-Riders - HERE and the entire first episode - HERE.

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