Exclusive Berlin Station Clip: Retired Spies Want To Infiltrate The Russian Elite

Richard Jenkins in Berlin Station Season 3

The world of international espionage unites a pair of semi-retired agents in an exclusive clip from this Sunday’s episode of Berlin Station. The sixth episode in season 3, ‘In Cold Hell,’ welcomes back Rhys Ifans’s Hector DeJean, as the search for the missing Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) continues to heat up. DeJean’s return is underlined by another semi-retired intelligence officer, Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins), who continues to prove that no matter how much an old spy might think they’re out of the game, the game never really lets anyone go. 

But DeJean’s return isn’t just an example of how deep and dangerous the world of espionage and intelligence work can actually be. It’s also a key part of finding Berlin Station’s top man in the field, as he's been missing for some time now, and the powers that be in the CIA would really like to have him back. And since the series this season is playing around with Russians as the main antagonists, it’s only fitting that Frost’s experience as a Cold War operative come into play in working to bring their man home. 

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The exchange between DeJean and Frost also includes relative newcomer Rafael Torres (Ismael Cruz Córdova), a CIA field agent who has so far proven to be a welcome asset to both the station and the show itself. The interplay is tense, as DeJean seems skeptical they can pull off the infiltration necessary to retrieve Miller, and even if they did, they are all putting their lives on the line, given just how dangerous these Russians actually are. Check out the clip below: 

“Frost (Richard Jenkins) introduces Torres (Ismael Cruz Córdova) to an old friend, whose new identity helps them infiltrate the Russian elite. April (Keke Palmer) and Kirsch (Leland Orser) work to initiate a hostage swap.”

It’s just a small sampling of what the episode has to offer, but for fans of smart espionage stories, Berlin Station continues to impress. This season has already included a number of interesting turns, including the addition of James Cromwell as yet another “retired” spy — this time one who’s taken to podcasting in the private sector as a way of possibly hiding in plain sight. 

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Berlin Station continues this Sunday with ‘In Cold Hell’ @9pm on EPIX.

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