'Berandal' Update: Sequel Starts Right After 'Raid: Redemption'; Bigger Villains & Setting

Rama and Andi vs Mad Dog 'The Raid Redemption'

The Raid: Redemption was one of our favorite surprises of 2012, and the upcoming sequel film, Berandal, has had our attention since Raid writer/director Gareth Evans first talked to us about it last year.

In our interview, Evans laid out the next step in developing a mythos that The Raid: Redemption only hinted at - and since then, we've gotten rough ideas of what else will be at play, and brief looks at some potential new characters. Now, Evans is dropping more Berandal clues - including when/where the sequel is set, and when production begins.

After Tweets from Evans himself revealed some Berandal character art back in late summer/early fall, news about the sequel has been scant; however, Evans has once again taken to Twitter and kicked off the new year with the following update:

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