The Raid: Redemption was one of our favorite surprises of 2012, and the upcoming sequel film, Berandal, has had our attention since Raid writer/director Gareth Evans first talked to us about it last year.

In our interview, Evans laid out the next step in developing a mythos that The Raid: Redemption only hinted at – and since then, we’ve gotten rough ideas of what else will be at play, and brief looks at some potential new characters. Now, Evans is dropping more Berandal clues – including when/where the sequel is set, and when production begins.

After Tweets from Evans himself revealed some Berandal character art back in late summer/early fall, news about the sequel has been scant; however, Evans has once again taken to Twitter and kicked off the new year with the following update:

Taking into account what Evans said above, here’s everything we know about Berandal so far, collected from the various interviews the director has given:


  • Berandal starts 2 hours after the conclusion of The Raid, which saw super-cop Rama and a surviving teammate arrest the corrupt Lt. Wahyu, who led them into the deadly trap. As indicated in the film, Wahyu is but a puppet of a large cabal of corrupt officials, so arresting him could be the beginning of a much larger battle.
  • We’ll see how things develop between Rama and his criminal-mastermind brother, Andi, now that they’re standing on opposing sides of the law.
  • We’ll also see how Andi fares while inheriting the deceased Boss Tama’s criminal empire
  • ‘Berandal’ is the film Evans wanted to make originally, but couldn’t get funded. He made ‘The Raid’ for a lower budget, and the acclaim has allowed him to now do ‘Berandal.’
  • The film will widen the scope of the action, taking things ‘out into the streets,’ as Evans told MTV.
  • We’ll also learn that Boss Tama and his building of thugs were a “small fry” compared to what’s coming in ‘Berandal.’
  • One bad thing that could be headed our way is “Hammer Girl.”
  • During post-production on ‘The Raid,’ Evans decided to make a trilogy – meaning ‘Berandal’ would be the middle chapter.
  • Only ‘a concept‘ exists for the third film, at the moment.

The Raid: Redemption blended several genres of film (martial arts action, thriller, horror), some innovative filmmaking born out of low-budget necessity, and a solid mythos and character roster. One can only hope that the investment of a bigger budget will allow Evans to apply that same innovation to a much larger canvas, thereby creating a much bigger scale of action than what the confines of a single building can offer.

As stated in the Tweet, production on Berandal will soon be underway. We’ll keep you posted on updates – including a possible U.S. Release date.

Source: Twitter (via MTV)

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