Beowulf Comic-Con Unrated Trailer

It seems to be trailer day today. Both AVP2 came out and now the Beowulf trailer that was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con has come online. Sue me, but at the time I sat there at the Con watching the trailer I knew nothing about this movie, not even that it was a motion capture (aka "mo-cap") CGI film. Not knowing that, it gave off kind of a surreal feeling. The fact that I thought I was supposed to be watching live action but seeing that something was "off" about it was causing my brain to overheat.

Of course eventually I figured it out when they did various closeups of the actors faces and they looked a bit like Tim Allen's Santa robot in The Santa Claus 2. :-)

Anyway, this trailer is different from the one that's over at This is the one that folks have been talking about online due to showing Angelina Jolie nude. Of course considering the perfect abs they gave to actor Ray Winstone, you probably shouldn't get too excited about the fact that it's a naked Angelina... no doubt they did a fair amount of "enhancing" to her as well.

For those of you who don't know, not only will Beowulf be released in 3D, but in IMAX 3D as well (guess which version I'll be watching).

I'm not too sure about the whole motion capture thing... much like in Zemeckis' other mo-cap film The Polar Express, I guess I don't see the point to it, other than just doing it because you can and to push the limits of the technology. It's easy to immerse oneself into a CGI movie if everything is stylized enough (any Pixar film, for example) but I think the closer filmmakers try to get to photorealistic actors the more the viewers' subconscious will fight it because it's so close to accurate, yet not.

Souce: (where you can get an HD version of the trailer) via AICN

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